AdWords Extensions: Seller Ratings Annotations

By Tinuiti Team

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Seller Ratings Annotations

Seller ratings annotations are an AdWords ad extension that features a merchant’s “rating” on a 5-star scale:


They’re a valuable ad extension for retailers because not only do they make you look good (if you have a good rating), but they visually stand out with the orange stars and also make your ad take up more space.

How to Set Up Seller Ratings Annotations

The key to setting up seller ratings annotations is having a 3rd party review service. We use Bizrate (free) among other paid services here at CPC Strategy, but there are a host of other review services which Google pulls reviews from, including just plain ole Google Shopping. Google will typically only show seller ratings if there are at least 30 reviews, all of which need to be within the last 12 months, and it’s typically difficult to achieve this without a 3rd party service.

You must also be running a Search Network with Display Select, a Search & Display Networks, or a Search Network only -type campaign.

Seller ratings annotations are actually automatically applied if you already have review services sending Google info or are receiving reviews on Google Shopping. You can opt-out of seller ratings here if you don’t want them showing up for you ads.

I recommend installing the Bizrate code on your site first and seeing how many fresh reviews it generates for your website.

We’ve found that in general, generating a lot of fresh, new reviews can actually improve key PLA metrics.

Check back for more setup and strategy best practices for other AdWords Extensions, or view our overview of the 9 different AdWords Extensions here.

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