How to Get Started Writing AdWords Scripts

By Tinuiti Team

There’s no doubt the process of succeeding at conversion optimization is a complicated one. From search marketing to social media advertising, you have a lot on your hands to deal with. But you only have two hands and limited time to execute all of your amazing business plans. This is where AdWords Scripts comes into place.

AdWords Scripts are powerful tools that will help you automate multiple processes. In response, you can save precious time on creating marketing reports, which you can transfer to bigger challenges. An automated marketing experience is a smoother marketing experience. Learn how to make this your reality!

What are AdWords Scripts?

AdWords provides a feature within the user interface where you can create custom code. This code will interact with the system. Sometimes this process doesn’t secure all the output one needs. This is where AdWords Scripts can step in and help. You can use this version to generate automated functions for practically anything.

For example, you can create custom scripts to automate keyword implementation. You can even automatically change campaign budgets daily or retrieve custom spending reports hourly. Pacing your spending habits can become easier. As you can see, a lot of time can be conserved for more important tasks.

Overcome the Common Barriers

For many, utilizing AdWords Scripts seems more like a challenge than a benefit to their businesses. One reason is intimidation stemming from uncertainty about the automatic processes. People are unsure about the accuracy of code functions being executed. This brings us to the next issue of understanding code language. Many are confused about it.

It’s a language that requires the tedious organization of numerous characters. And it can’t be learned overnight. But using AdWords Scripts proves to eliminate time-consuming hassles of technical management. Living out this fact requires patience and an open mind for learning JavaScript. It’s certainly possible!

Utilizing AdWords Scripts is less complex than it appears on the surface.

How to Successfully Utilize AdWords Scripts

Tackle AdWords Scripts with a willingness to learn. Participating in a proficient online course is one of the best ways you can do this. Fortunately, there are free courses you can take online to learn the complexities of JavaScript. We recommend using Codecademy’s JavaScript course for a free learning experience. Setting aside 30 minutes to an hour each day to complete your course can make all the difference.

Sure, you’ll likely make mistakes, but don’t give up. Another useful learning option is playing around with scripts that other people have created. This makes it easier to experiment with code variations in small steps. Experiential learning will give you deeper insight than simply memorizing code terminology.

Embrace the power of AdWords Scripts with confidence. It’s totally possible to speak the JavaScript language and utilize it to your advantage. Many people don’t rely on it, so this is your chance to stand out from the crowd. Doing so is a tangible means for upgrading your ecommerce marketing strategy. Spend more time devising innovative ways to beat competitors. Interested in seeing what trends we’ve seen in Search and Shopping to help you with your strategy? Read our report SEARCH & SHOPPING TRENDS (2015/2014).

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