Are You Using the 'AdWords Redirect' Attribute?

By Tinuiti Team

Put bluntly, if you’re completely ignoring mobile traffic, you’re probably A) wasting ad spend and B) missing out on a huge opportunity.

Mobile-PPC-WhitepaperWhere AdWords is involved, advertising to the mobile consumer requires a different plan of attack in terms of the ad copy, keywords, bids, and metrics that you’ll want to keep a close eye on. One of the principal steps in targeting and getting the most out of mobile traffic is setting up conversion tracking.

Some of the conversions you receive now could have been because of a purchase process that began on a mobile device, so the goal here is to get a more complete understanding of the larger impact mobile has on your paid search performance.

Set Up Mobile Conversion Tracking for Shopping Campaigns

Are you using the “adwords redirect attribute?

You must be if you want to track mobile performance for Product Listing Ads. From there, you can start to view cross-device conversions in the Estimated Total Conversions column.

Be wary when adding links in your feed, however. In April, Google announced that it would actually start crawling shopping feeds for mobile usability. This doesn’t mean Google will subjectively judge your mobile site and flag your feed if it doesn’t like it. It will be looking for product pages that can’t load on mobile devices, so be sure to double check that load before redirecting shoppers there and risking the viability of your product feed.

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