Bing Automated Dynamic Product Extensions | Everything You Need To Know

By Tinuiti Team

The Bing Ads platform has received a series of AI-powered enhancements this year in the form of Automated Extensions.

While many of these features have released, one has our Bing PPC experts especially excited: Bing Automated Dynamic Product Extensions.

This extension allows you to automatically showcase your product offering (with pricing) alongside your standard search ads.


bing ads automated dynamic product extensions

“It’s especially helpful for broader searches where your ads and final URL are likely to be more category focused. You can dynamically feature product info in the extensions and draw attention to your product selection and competitive pricing.”

 Carolien Rice, Retail Search Manager at CPC Strategy


-Caroline Rice, Retail Search Manager at CPC Strategy


What Are Bing Automated Dynamic Product Extensions?


Automated Dynamic Product Extensions allow you to display product links and pricing alongside your standard search ads.

Showing your product offering not only makes your ad more relevant, but it also has the power to funnel the searcher directly to your store and product page.

“The ability to show multiple products within a text ad is very exciting for advertisers.”


josh brisco


-Josh Brisco, Senior Manager, Retail Search Operations at CPC Strategy


How It Works


ADPE uses information from your product feed to dynamically feature product extensions when appropriate. This information is found in Bing Merchant Center.

Bing’s algorithm uses both the keyword of the text ad and your Product Ads catalog data. It then builds relevant offers to feature alongside your text ad.

Caroline explains,

“The extensions will automatically reflect any changes in the feed, which frees up time that advertisers would have spent setting up and maintaining extensions manually.”


bing automated dynamic product extensions




Enhancing Your Ads With Bing Automated Extensions


Automated Dynamic Product Extensions are just one part of Bing’s Automated Extensions Update.

Microsoft has released a series of automated features this year that all utilize your existing data to improve your ads automatically.


bing automated dynamic product extensions


Automated Extensions work much like Google’s in that they extend the visibility and information of your ad.

These extensions pull data from your:


These extensions automatically display when activated and determined to improve your ad’s performance.

Caroline says,

“Leveraging feed-based automation for things like ad extensions is a much more scalable way to keep ads hyper-relevant and up-to-date. Having a strong product feed has always been important for Shopping and Display but is increasingly playing a bigger role in text ads as well.”


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