How Bing Remarketing in Paid Search Will Impact Retailers' Campaign Performance

By Tinuiti Team

Will Bing Remarketing Improve Campaign Performance?

Remarketing in paid search enables marketers to customize their search campaigns to people who have previously visited their website.

Historically, reaching these high value audiences significantly improves campaign performance.

Remarketing lists with search ads allow retailers to:



Although Bing’s announcement trails behind Google’s intelligence, advertisers who are interested in Bing Remarketing in paid search will need to implement UET as a prerequisite to get started.

Bing’s pilot program for Remarketing in paid search is already available to select advertisers, and a roll-out to all advertisers will be available later this year.

“Looks like Bing Remarketing will only be Search-centric (no image/display/impression-based media) but you will be able to gather audience data and apply lists to Search campaigns,” Lewis Brannon, Paid Search Manager at CPC Strategy said.

lewis-brannon“So not only is it better to upgrade Bing tracking to UET so you can capture orders and revenue, but it’s also very important to have them upgrade to UET so that they will be able to take advantage of Remarketing once that rolls out.”

UET: A Prerequisite to Bing Remarketing

In October 2014, Bing Ads launched Universal Event Tracking (UET), a replacement for conversion and goal tracking in Campaign Analytics.

On July 31, 2015 Bing Ads will no longer support tags (tracking codes) created in Campaign Analytics prior to July 2013.

According to Bing, that means retailers will no longer be able to track conversion goals (e.g., sales, sign-ups, etc.) and report on them with these tags. Historical reporting will still be available, but retailer’s will want to replace these tags as soon as possible.

To identify if your tags will no longer be supported follow these steps:

  1. Log in to your Bing Ads account.
  2. Navigate to Campaign Analytics (Tools > Campaign Analytics).
  3. Click and view the goals you have available.
  4. With each goal, look for the domain in the “Tracking Codes” section.
  5. If your tracking code contains a domain, you will need to remove this tracking code on your site and replace it with a Universal Event Tracking code. If your tracking code contains a domain, your tags will continue to work but we recommend you replace these as well to take advantage of UET.
  6. Implement Universal Event Tracking on your site.



What are the benefits of Universal Event Tracking?

  1. An easier way to implement tags. Implement just one tag across your entire site for all your campaigns and accounts. UET is also compatible with leading tag management solutions.
  2. Receive enhanced insights and metrics like average duration per visit, average pages per visit, total visits, bounce rates and track cross-device conversion attribution.
  3. UET tags also serve as Remarketing tags, making your campaigns ready for Remarketing if you implement UET.


Bing has also provided additional sources to help retailer’s implement UET including:

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