Product Ad Campaigns Transition To Bing Shopping Campaigns

By Tinuiti Team

Bing Shopping Campaigns Announcement

Bing has released a new retail offering that will be replacing Product Ads campaigns called Bing Shopping Campaigns.

According to Bing, the goal of the new program is to save time and allocate budgets more precisely with enhanced reporting right down to the ID level.

The traditional way of managing Product Ads will be formally transitioned to Bing Shopping Campaigns in a phased approach, beginning in late January 2016.

Bing Shopping Campaigns Timeline:

Late January: All new campaigns will leverage Bing Shopping Campaigns. At this time, advertisers will be unable to create new Product Ads campaigns, but they will continue to be able to manage existing campaigns.

Late February / early March: Existing Product Ads campaigns will be transitioned to Bing Shopping Campaigns.

Late March: Product Ads campaigns will be fully transitioned.

To give retailers sufficient time to prepare for the start of the transition in January, Bing is encouraging marketers to begin using Bing Shopping Campaigns in advance of the holiday

Advantages of Bing Shopping Campaigns:

1) More control – Target your products with a high degree of granularity in your feed to get more control over what products you’re showing and your bidding strategy.

2) Deep insight – View performance data right down to the Item ID level with enhanced reporting. Plus, use benchmark reporting to see how your products are performing in the marketplace compared to competitors advertising the same products.

3) Easy management – Get a quick, intuitive way to view all your approved products. See your inventory by attributes like brand or product type, select inventory you want to promote or exclude and set appropriate bids.

4) Improved efficiency – If you’re already running Google Shopping Campaigns, import them directly into your Bing Ads account. Once set up, Bing Shopping Campaigns are easy to manage and maintain because the structure and capabilities are consistent across platforms.

Getting Started with Bing Shopping campaigns:

Shopping campaigns will soon replace Product Ad campaigns, so if marketers want to create new Product Ads, they should now create them in a Bing shopping campaign. Products Ads are created from products in the catalog and include custom images, promotional text, pricing, and seller details.

If you’ve never used Bing Ads Product Ads or Google shopping campaigns, you’ll need to create a shopping campaign from scratch here.

However, if you’ve already used Product Ads, either in Bing Ads or AdWords, you have other options for getting started with Bing shopping campaigns including:

For more on Bing Shopping campaigns, email [email protected]

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