Blog, Shopping Campaigns Now Available on Search Partners

By Tinuiti Team

Last month Google announced that Shopping campaigns would be available on Google Search Partners in addition to Google Search. This release increases advertisers reach to markets outside of Google owned properties.

One of these publishers includes the retail giant, Ads are now able to appear as the result of a direct search within a search box and navigation paths. Like with traditional search, the Google algorithm aims to create a relevant experience for users. This is done by displaying shopping ads only amongst what is deemed a “similar search.”

From the user’s standpoint shopping ads give opportunity for great choice and price comparison.

Below are two examples of Shopping Ad formats on

Example Shopping Ad formats on

This feature does however have some drawbacks. Like on the search side of Search Partners there is no transparency into how individual publishers perform and no ability to block either irrelevant or poor performing publishers. Similarly there is no way to bid differently on Search Partners vs Google search. This gives account manager little opportunity to optimize search partner performance.

Despite the lack of controls this new network does offers great opportunity for scalability and reach. Like with any new test proceed cautiously, understand the risks and monitor closely.

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