What is the Google Deal Results Page? [And Why It's Valuable for Brands in Q4]

By Tinuiti Team

Google is constantly updating its algorithms, products, and tools for all users across the web. At Google Marketing Live 2021, the tech giant announced many new features for brands and advertisers – Shopify integrations, enhanced conversions, and image extensions.

New search additions – like the Google Deal results page – offer a new way of understanding how to leverage Google for both online shoppers and online businesses. 

What is the Google Deals Results Page?

For both shoppers and business owners, one exciting new addition is the Google Deal results page. On this page, Google showcases their newest deals results page and features a variety of new ways for consumers to discover deals through Google Search and Shopping. In other words, brands will be able to directly promote their discounts to shoppers, making it easier for buyers to find discounts, and brands to increase their conversions.

The Google Deals results page is essentially as the name suggests: a panel for finding the greatest shopping discounts and deals on Google. 

When Is the Google Deals Results Page Launch Date?

The Google Deals results page launched in July, with deals available to see right inside Google. For example, if a customer is searching for an item, they will see a new section that competitively organizes discounted products and pricing from multiple vendors across the web.

Starting in October 2021, however, during high-activity periods like Black Friday and Cyber Monday, Google will expand its Deals results page to showcase the most popular deals for major retail store events. Even search terms like “Black Friday deals” or “Cyber Monday Deals” will highlight discounts and offers, and other relevant sales information. 

While there is no exact date at this time, Google also claims that deals will begin to appear on their main search results pages. Offers shown here will be based on multiple factors, like the total discount value, as well as the popularity of the items and the online store. 

Why is Google’s Deals Results Page Valuable for Brands in Q4?

As mentioned above, Google is likely gearing up for a large rollout of their Deals results page for the holiday season. With the surge of online business during the pandemic, businesses are wise to start researching how to get their deals featured in the Deals results pages. 

Generally, Q4 is the busiest for online shopping, and also provides the most data for vendors. Harnessing the power of the Google Deals page (as well as a solid Q4 preparation strategy) will ensure that your strategy rewards your efforts. 

“We’re excited about additional publicity for our client deals and promotions. Especially during the holidays, having promotions more front and center on Google will be a big plus for our clients. The addition of deal-optimization reporting in Merchant Center will also be a great addition and allow brands to be more agile and make better decisions about the deals they’re offering.”

Evan Kirkpatrick, VP, Shopping and Feed Management at Tinuiti


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