Google Plus SEO: Link Your Profiles for Better Search Visibility

By Tinuiti Team

Google Plus SEO: Linking Your Profiles is Simple

If you manage or write for an ecommerce blog, one of your main goals is to have people actually see your content and more ambitiously, to rank on Google search.

In addition to SEO updates, an easy way to send Google consistent signs that your content is relevant is through Google Plus.

Google Plus SEO: The New Concept Of “Social Authority”

Being actively social as an author or brand on Google Plus can actually increase the Google search visibility of your blog articles or brand content.

One of the first and very important steps for Google Plus SEO is to link your author page on WordPress (or a related blog software) with your Google Plus Page.

What this does is tell Google who you are: “Hey I write on this blog, and I’m on Google+ here.”

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Note: For the sake of this article, I will be providing instructions for a WordPress blog.

How to Link Your Google Plus And WordPress Profiles

1. Make sure your name is the same for both your Google Plus profile as well as your WordPress profile (the name that appears when you publish blog posts).

2. Create a link to your Google Plus profile by going to your Google Plus page and copying the URL (copying up until the numbers):

Example: I copied “” for my Google Plus URL.

3. Open up WordPress, and in the top right corner where it says some variation of “hello, [Your Name],” Go to “Edit My Profile.”

4. Now scroll down to “Contact Info,” and where it says “Google+,” paste your Google Plus profile URL.

5. Scroll even farther down and do the same for “Google Plus” under “Extra profile information.”

6. Hit “Update Profile,” and you’re all good in terms of editing your WordPress profile.

How To Link Google Plus With WordPress

7. Now go back to your Google Plus profile page. Find the “Links” box under your About tab.

8. Hit “Edit,” and under the “Contributor to” section, click “Add custom link.”

9. In the “Label” box, you can add anything you want, but you’ll most likely want to put the name of the blog/company that you write for. In the “URL” box, insert the link of your author page on your blog.

Your author page can be found by clicking the “here” link in “See all posts by this author here.”

For me, the author URL to enter in Google Plus is “”

10. Hit Save in Google Plus, and you should be good to go.

How To Confirm Your Google Plus Is Linked With WordPress

1. Go to Google’s Rich Snippet Tool.

2. In the URl box, enter in a blog post you’ve written.

3. Hit Preview, and if you linked your profules successfully, you’ll see in green, “Authorship is working for this webpage.”

This whole process is very basic Google Plus SEO and should only take you about 10 minutes tops. Don’t expect immediate results when searching for your posts in Google search results because it takes some time for them to validate this. Don’t fret for soon enough your beautiful mug will show up in Google search.

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