Google Shopping Reviews: Adding Product & Seller Reviews

By Tinuiti Team

How to Add Product and Seller Reviews on Google Shopping

Adding any type of review, product or seller, can be a significant addition to your Product Listing Ads because they enhance them with rich snippets and add social credibility.

The reality is, however, that product and seller reviews are two completely different beasts for PLA advertisers and they’re typically not a free enhancement to your ads. Here’s a breakdown of the two types of reviews and how to get them on Google Shopping.

Google Shopping Seller Reviews

Seller reviews are the easier of the two types to add to your PLA campaigns. Seller ratings will always be marked by the green stars. They look like this (highlighted in the green box) on a given comparison page:


Many retailers enlist a ratings/reviews solution to add seller reviews on multiple shopping engines, including Google Shopping. Some major sites that do this include: Trust Pilot (paid), eKomi (paid), Shopper Approved (paid), and Bizrate/Shopzilla (free).

Google pulls in seller reviews from these types of sites and integrates them with Shopping, so you must ensure that your current ratings/review provider can sync with Google.

Seller ratings are a huge and very prevalent backing of your credibility as a merchant, so integrating these with your Product Listing Ad campaigns is essential.

Google Shopping Product Reviews

Getting product reviews on Google is a bit trickier. They are marked with orange stars and look like this on Google Shopping (highlighted in the orange box):


As far as we know, a service like Bazaarvoice is the only solution that directly sends product reviews to Google. The downfall is that they’re on the more expensive end, so it’s not surprising to see that of the 16 product reviews for this camera, the vast majority come from Best Buy, Newegg, and Adorama.

At the end of the day, seller reviews are a very influential and easy implementation to PLA campaigns, an implementation that can actually pay off in improvements to key PLA metrics.

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