How to Jumpstart Your Post-COVID-19 Recovery Plan

By Tinuiti Team

It’s been just over one month since COVID-19 effectively canceled the first half of 2020 – though most would argue it feels more like years. There’s no better time than now to start thinking about your business’s post-COVID-19 recovery plan. It’s time to take what you’ve been tinkering with and kick it up a notch. Here’s how.

Planning for the New Normal

Let’s fast forward to June 1st. The country has partially opened up. People are going out again, but still practicing some new forms of social distancing. Supply chains and distribution centers are starting to operate more smoothly, albeit slower. There are still fewer people out and about, but overall normalcy is returning. The “new normal”.

If your boss asks you, “What’s our recovery plan for the business post-coronavirus?” Here are 4 tips on how to respond:
First Things First: Communication
Be ready to sunset any inaccurate and older corona-related shutdown content on your website such as:

Adjust the settings on your local profiles to reflect new hours of business. If relevant, take advantage of the Special Announcement and event Attendance Mode structured data tags, specifically created for the circulation of COVID-19 information, endorsed federally, and by the White House.
Next Up: Evaluate Everything
The economic impacts of a crisis vary across the board, so it’s important to evaluate what is (or isn’t) working before taking any action. There may be new issues to deal with that didn’t exist pre-March 2020. Some companies have unexpectedly gained new customer bases while others have had to completely retool themselves to stay alive.

For example, a retail site with an excellent reputation and organic rankings might find themselves sinking post-COVID-19 as a side effect of longer processing/shipping times and having less staff. 

On the flip side, businesses that relied heavily on foot-traffic and physical locations are having to get creative and be agile; some opening their first ecommerce site and drop shipping, others offering new delivery or timed curbside pick-up options, and some are even dipping their toes into the virtual world to provide video services (think Zoom).
Don’t Overlook What Is Working
If you slapped together a quick eComm system to get you through sheltering-in-place and it worked great, well get ready to update it, make it scalable, secure, and future proof before the economy is in full swing again! 

Did you hit a sweet spot with email marketing campaigns and creative daily social posts to your audience thanks to having all the time in the world? Don’t let that great progress and rapport fall by the wayside once things pick up and you don’t have the luxury of time again. 
Prepare, Prepare, Prepare
Once you’ve identified things that are working or any temporary strategies you may want to make permanent, be ready with the support you’ll need to build out and expand on what you’re testing right now. Start thinking about the holidays and planning for them now. The question is not one of “if” things return to normal but “when.”

Be ready to staff-up with in-house folks if needed, to strike new partnerships with agencies that you may need to lean on to run future online marketing-focused initiatives. 

Whatever the case may be for you individually, approach challenges with an open and flexible mind, remember that we’re all in this together, and try to stay positive! 

Wondering what things will be like once the country is fully up and running again? Tune in next time to find out which temporary socio-economic-behavioral changes I predict will become permanent.

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