Is Your Account Manager Asking the Right Questions?

By Tinuiti Team

Due to its flexibility, budget control and adaptability, pay-per-click has become a prevalent advertising format. Companies like having the ability to control their PPC spend, and to evaluate performance in real-time to enhance top-performing ads and keywords.

The best value from PPC is only attainable if your PPC account manager is asking you the right questions to ensure optimization. The following is a look at some of the key topics and questions top PPC account managers ask their clients to optimize performance.


Where do you see the largest amount of traffic and sales in regards to city, states, and regions?

The ability to connect with a broad, even global, geographic audience is a powerful feature of the internet. However, you might discover by tracking your location-based referral traffic and sales that particular regions dominate your business’ success. Your PPC manager should talk to you about your traffic, CVR and other important KPIs by location to amplify investment in top-performing regions and eliminate wasted spend in inefficient areas.

Hour of the Day

Is there an hour of the day that you usually see the most amount of orders come through? Is it on one specific product type?

Time of the day is often overlooked as an important factor in optimizing PPC. However, just as retailers see ebbs and flows of store traffic during different hours of the day, online providers do as well. Your solutions and the schedules of your target market dictate high-traffic periods. Identify best hours of the day for traffic and other top KPIs to boost investments during these times.

Day of the Week

Do you find that your business has the strongest performance on one day? Is performance softer on other days?

Again, different days can produce different results. Your PPC manager should not assume that each day plays out in a predictable pattern. Instead, you should discuss top-performing days of the week to prioritize targeting and reduce or eliminate your spend on low-performing days.


Do you find that you see more orders come through on a specific device? Is your mobile site optimized?

The majority of online activity and searches now occur through mobile devices. Thus, it is important that your site is mobile-optimized. Google continues to prioritize mobile-optimized sites in its search results, and its upcoming “Speed Update” enhances this push by downgrading sites with slow mobile page loads. You need to know where the majority of your traffic comes from so you can target your ads to the specific devices that produce strong results.

Demographics (Age)

Is your brand targeting a specific age range? Who are you trying to sell your products to? Do you find that a certain age demographic generally performs the best?

These are some of the critical age-demographic questions a good PPC manager asks. Even though you may have a broad age range of customers, it is likely a particular demographic converts more often and more efficiently.

Demographics (Gender)

Are your shoppers generally male or female? 

Gender is another important demographic factor to consider. If the majority of your buyers are male or female, you want to include bid modifiers on top performing genders when targeting your PPC campaigns. 

Household Income

Do you find that a specific range of users falls within a general Household Income?

The price points of your products offer some insight, but data on the household income of your traffic confirm the makeup of your market.


These types of questions demonstrate that your PPC account manager is experienced and looking to optimize your account so you can hit your business’ goals. Ongoing adjustments to your PPC account are essential to achieving these goals and improving return on investment.

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