Part One: Top 10 Reasons Why You Should Invest in SEO

By Tinuiti Team

As companies look to improve their rankings on search engines, chances are they’ve heard many websites call out the benefits of SEO. Time and time again, SEO has proved itself to be an integral component to the success of businesses. But for cautious businesses, the question still remains: Are the expenses of hiring an SEO agency worth the overall investment to the company? With that, we have compiled a two-part series of a Top 10 list on why it is important to invest in a quality SEO agency, especially in today’s virtual climate.

Top Reasons Why SEO is Needed For Today’s Website

1. Accessibility. Companies can pour unlimited time, money, and resources into a beautifully engaging website but have it be for naught without technical SEO. In today’s saturated market, SEO can help differentiate your company’s website from others and create a strong brand presence. By optimizing the website and products with SEO practices, search engines can more easily crawl and rank your page for improved visibility.

2. Content is still king. Content is one of the most imperative factors to SEO. These days, search engines place a high emphasis in creating the best possible user experience for searchers. Websites can gain significant visibility by curating content that is relevant and informative. If people can find value in the content, the chances of a high syndication can increase. As a result, the website’s rankings will begin to slowly start ascending the SERPs.

3. Website user-experience. With too many errors and slow loading pages, it can cause people to exit out of your site out of frustration. To ensure a stickier website and a higher conversion rate, best SEO practices necessitates a complete tune up to the website. This will help to repair any problematic glitches your site might have. Broken links, slow pages, 404s and bad coding will all be remedied and fixed. The objective of SEO is to creatively inform your website on how to marry together a highly accessible page with a user-friendly experience. Ultimately, this process will help create a smoother website to attract more visitors and have readers stay on the site for a longer period of time.

4. Individual customization. All strategies for your business must be tweaked and customized for an individual plan specific to your business. The strategy will be well crafted to pinpoint the right targets for conversion to help deliver the ideal results. This personalized effort is integral to eliminating any conjecture, and instead operating on reliable practices to deliver organic results for your business and page.

5. Clicks vs. PPC. Once you have started to achieve your ideal rankings, unlike PPC that is limited by a budget, the clicks will continue to happen. SEO works as a fantastic organic presence that continues to work 24/7 to get as much traffic as it can.

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