This Week in Retail Search 11/2/2014

By Tinuiti Team

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Digital Marketing News

Search Engine Land: Will He Ever Return? Head Of Google’s Web Spam Team Matt Cutts Extends Leave Into 2015

Google’s well known web spam team leader, Matt Cutts, is on an extended leave from the search giant and plans to continue his time off into next year.

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Mobile News

VentureBeat: Apple Pay Highlights a Fragmented Market for Mobile Payments

While many banks and financial institutions are rushing to join the Apple Pay network, retailers like Rite Aid, Walgreens, and Walmart are resisting the move to mobile payments led by the smart phone giant.

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eCommerce News

Techcrunch: Two Worlds Colliding: How LinkedIn Could Take On Salesforce

While Salesforce has long dominated much of the online sales and customer management world, with its vast network of participants, LinkedIn has a unique opportunity to steal market share from its more established competitor.

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Retail News

Mashable: Starbucks Will Offer Delivery through Its App: And A ‘Starbucks For Life’ Contest

America’s largest coffee retailer began integrating smart phone sales through its mobile app and has become a leader in bridging brick-and-mortar retail with mobile commerce. Now they are using that app to offer customer delivery on demand.

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