The Benefits of Bid Management Platforms

By Tinuiti Team

It’s hard to imagine that just 13 years ago, AdWords was introduced into the world of PPC advertising. My, how it’s grown! 96% of Google’s 40+ billion in revenues are generated from pay per click advertising, and each year we’re seeing more and more money spent on SEM.

What does this mean for those of us in the industry? We can dial it down the following conclusions:

Why Bid Management Tools Are Valuable to Advertisers

Even with increased competition and spend, why would a bid management tool be so valuable in this day and age? Advertisers are spending more money, thus increasing the size and spend of each paid search account. This means that your accounts may become harder and harder to manage manually, and keeping consistent performance in your account goals can prove to be difficult. Here are four reasons why bid management will simplify the optimization process and improve all-around performance:

Now that we understand why bid management is necessary for paid search campaigns, which ones should we use? There are several big names in the space, and I’m here to tell you the advantages of each.

DART for Search


Marin Software




Hopefully these high level assessments will help you understand which bid platform may suit you and your account best. Happy Optimizing!

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