What Apple’s WWDC 2014 Announcements Mean for PPC

By Tinuiti Team

Like many Apple diehards, my Monday afternoon was spent nerding out over Apple’s latest announcements. After recovering from the letdown of no mention of a new iPhone or iPad at this time, I began to dig into the specifics of the announcements they did make. The focus of this WWDC keynote was the new features that will be available in iOS8 and the upcoming OS X Yosemite software release. Perhaps more importantly, Apple’s updates to Safari, desktop apps and overall focus on app creation struck me as extremely relevant to the PPC landscape. Likewise, with Google’s recently announced in-app ad improvements, it’s clear that the industry is moving aggressively into the app space.

Apple echoes this app-centric mentality with their OS X Yosemite software that will feature built-in desktop apps and app creation tools. Clients should begin thinking on how to capitalize on this emerging market with their own apps and how to advertise to users based on their app usage. It’s clear that apps are now the majority of a customer’s time spent on their devices. With this new mindset, we must also adjust. Just as PPC previously shifted to mobile, it must now shift to apps.

In addition, Apple also announced that Safari will be getting a facelift within the new Yosemite software. One major change is that the search bar will now be placed in the center of the page. Additionally, the tool will feature Bing searchresults, rather than Google. With more than 40 million installations, it’s bound to have an impact on search traffic. As more Mac customers download the new OS, I expect to see an upward shift in Bing searches.

Apple's new OS X Yosemite will feature Bing integrated with Spotlight.

While we may have to wait a few more months for that new iPhone release, the new Apple announcements force us to think about how we use our devices and how this impacts PPC.

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