What the Tech of CES 2017 Means for Digital Marketing

By Tinuiti Team

Did you know that more than 150,000 people visit Las Vegas every year to attend the Consumer Electronics Show (CES)? Reaching this number of visitors all started back in 1967 – the year of the first show. Since that time, we have witnessed creative technologies from the show hit the market and make their way to our homes. For example, you probably have Blu-ray disc DVDs, a plasma TV, or a smart TV.

This is the kind of show where big tech companies have reigned, such as Samsung, Apple, Microsoft, and Amazon. Therefore, attending this show as a marketer is like a dream come true. Marketers get to explore amazing innovations meant to move humanity forward in smarter, more exciting ways. And this experience can lead to some awesome inspiration for one’s e-commerce marketing strategy.

On the other hand, this show has gone through some notable changes. We’ll talk about more of this later on.

How CES 2017 was Different from Other Shows

Again, thousands of people headed to CES 2017 during the first week of January. Although this is the 50th show, it featured similar tech trends from previous years. This includes wearables, virtual reality, augmented reality, and robots. Now, let’s get to those changes we mentioned earlier.

Over the years, big tech companies like the aforementioned have been stepping away from the CES. These companies are not as interested in showcasing new releases at the show. In fact, they tend not to anymore. With their rise to fame, they likely see this move as a way to maintain a competitive edge, despite the popularity this show has given them.

With that in mind, it’s important to understand this decrease in demonstration from big tech companies has opened the door to other tech-minded people getting involved. This includes more clients, media companies, and ad tech companies, according to Publicis Worldwide. These entities have more room to optimize their e-commerce marketing strategy.

Innovative Marketing Technology

Let’s talk about some important trends in marketing technology at the latest show. Attendees witnessed integrations with smart products, such as Amazon Alexa and Microsoft Cortana. And the trend of smart products has been strong enough to inspire beauty industry leaders, such as L’Oreal, to tag along.

How so? This company displayed its very own smart hairbrush. This hairbrush uses algorithms to detect the health of an individual’s hair while monitoring the impact of different hair care routines. Sounds like something you want to run through your hair, right?

Furthermore, VR and AR are being added to surprising products. For instance, HTC has developed a way to make trackable VR controllers out of everyday objects like toy guns, baseball bats, and fire hoses.

Digital marketing

Despite Changes, This Show is Still Relevant for Marketers

Although big tech companies aren’t displaying as many new inventions as in the past, this show is still a valuable marketing experience. For example, it’s a great way to gain coverage about up and coming tech companies who may make it to the level of pioneers one day. And this experience helps marketers get a taste of trends that will increasingly gain momentum, like VR and AR.

Another important benefit of this event are the networking opportunities it provides. Marketers have the opportunity to build profitable partnerships with other marketers and thriving tech companies. If you’re a marketer for a retail fashion company, imagine the numerous ways this could benefit your e-commerce marketing strategy.

You could get linked with an AR company and develop an awesome app to help users uncover attractive outfits composed of your company’s clothing on a daily basis. Users could see an augmented version of themselves in your clothing on their mobile devices. In other words, getting dressed could be a lot quicker and bring in more revenue for you.

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