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Active View for YouTube Advertisers

By Tinuiti Team

Active View for YouTube Advertising

To help retailers measure the “viewability” of their TrueView ads, Active View now provides a viewability measurement on a per-campaign-basis, so YouTube advertisers can better understand how their campaigns are performing.

According to the announcement, ensuring that your ads are able to be seen is an important baseline for driving brand impact.

The introduction of Active View technology, will help advertisers measure whether or not an ad was able to be seen.

Throughout the next few weeks, Active View will become available for all YouTube in-stream inventory, including TrueView, whether bought through Google AdWords or DoubleClick Bid Manager.

Active View: What is “Viewability”?

As it relates to YouTube, viewability is an indicator of whether or not your ad was on screen – but not necessarily the impact of your ad.

active view

In addition to viewability, there are several other factors that drive results for brand campaigns, such as:

Advertisers should take each of these factors – not just viewability alone – into account when they deliver ads.

According to YouTube, Watchtime, Audibility, Viewability and Engagement (WAVE) work together to drive the greatest impact for a brand.

Watch Time: Looking at hundreds of Brand Lift studies, YouTube advertisers saw that the longer a user watches your ad, the higher the lift in awareness and consideration.

Audibility: YouTube tested 280 campaigns and found that among users exposed to ads that were both viewable and audible, ad recall had a lift of 43%. Among users exposed to ads that were viewable alone, ad recall was significantly lower at 31%3.

Viewability: YouTube has industry-leading 93% viewability.

Engagement: Looking at 89 US brands that ran Brand Lift studies, YouTube found viewers exposed to TrueView ads are 10x more likely to engage with the brand on YouTube, such as visiting or subscribing to the brand channel, watching more from that brand, or sharing the brand video.

Since it’s founding in February 2005, YouTube has gathered billions of users to the platform to discover and share videos.

It has also become a platform for brands, creators and users to connect with each other – whether it be through entertainment, popular “how to” videos or product reviews.

With over 4 billion views every single day, YouTube is quickly becoming the new revenue stream for retailers to advertise and promote their products, along with other forms of social commerce including Facebook and Instagram.

Thanks to the introduction of advertising efforts such as TrueView and Google Shopping Ads on YouTube (available only through the AdWords interface), retailers are just beginning to scrape the surface on video advertising.

For example, if someone is searching for YouTube videos on boxing workouts, an athletic apparel retailer would want to target those videos with a text overlay or a pre-roll ad. These types of advertisements retailers can target based off of the content of the video.

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