5 AdWords Pro-Tips

By Tinuiti Team

One look at Google’s Inside AdWords blog and it is easy to get lost navigating in a sea of never ending updates. With the constant change, it’s difficult for even the most well versed PPC professional to stay current with the latest features. Below are 5 overlooked AdWords features and how to use them today to improve your campaigns.

1) Search Term Report

Search term reports allow retailers to dive in and actually view user searches that triggered ads to appear. This data can help retailers mine both new keywords and negative keywords to further refine their ad campaigns.

Retailers can access the search term report under the “Details” tab within the keyword view. You can choose select search terms or view all search terms within the report.


2) Display Ad Builder

Simplify ad creation using the Display Ad Builder tool within AdWords and quickly generate visually engaging ad copy. Image Ads can be quickly re-sized using Google’s tool and readily provide inspiration for your own ads.

3) AdWords Editor

AdWords Editor is a free downloadable tool provided by Google to help manage large AdWords accounts. For more information about AdWords Editor visit Google’s help topic.

Some features of the editor include:


4) Above-The-Fold Advertising

With the variety of devices at consumers disposal, it is difficult to predict ad placement. However, filtering below the fold impressions and focusing on above the fold advertising gives retailers more control over ad placement.

Using above the fold advertising in the Google Display Network allows retailers to only have their ads shown in locations that do not require scrolling. Note: Above the fold advertising will likely need increased bids to maintain an equal number of impressions while excluding below the fold.

5) AdWords Scripts

While AdWord scripts are typically associated with reporting, account alters and bulk changes they can also be leveraged to help automate your PPC tasks. Google provides an excellent resource if you are not familiar with script generation and walks users through the process.

Scripts can be used to automate:

If you are not comfortable creating your own scripts, 3rd party services such as Optmyzr can create custom tailored scripts.

What are your favorite AdWords features?

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