Using Ad Tech to Drive Holiday 2019 Marketing Success

Tinuiti’s Experts Weigh-In On Insights Provided By Google

Learn how to make the most of the technology and automation available to you this Holiday season by:

  • Efficiently identifying opportunities to optimize investments throughout the season
  • Using ad customizers and audience segments to personalize your message
  • Leveraging video effectively
  • Optimizing your mobile presence

There are six fewer shopping days this season – make the most of the time you do have.

Capitalizing on the shorter holiday shopping window will require a sound strategy and ample planning. Determining media mix, budgeting for each channel, strategizing promotion, and preparing for an influx of orders and site traffic will be
essential, as will using the right technology to execute. As the holiday season rapidly approaches, we’ve assembled a few recommendations into this white paper for making the most of the technology and automation available to you.

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