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The Future of Privacy

Adapt Your Marketing Approach in a Cookie-Less World

Privacy All Day. 5 Sessions. 7+ Experts.

The data privacy changes coming down the pike  are sending shockwaves through the digital marketing world. In this series, we provide digital marketers with the insights, tools, and solutions  they need  to adapt to IDFA and the end of cookies. We unpack the latest privacy news, discuss how to harness the power of first-party data, advise on how to build out your MarTech strategy, and more. 

What You’ll Learn

How the recent developments in IDFA and privacy will affect your marketing
Building a privacy-first strategy
Leveraging your data for personalized customer interaction
Developing a powerful MarTech strategy
Google’s latest solutions for advertisers


 Lay of the Land for All Things Privacy 

We’ll kick off this series with an overview of what’s changed so far. Tune into this session to hear hot takes from our very own Chief Strategy Officer, Nii Ahene.

nii ahene

Nii Ahene

Chief Strategy Officer

Future Proof Your Customer Life Cycle

How can brands use first-party data to create personalized customer experiences while adhering to privacy policies and regulations? Tune into this session to learn about the solutions Braze, a customer engagement platform, and Tinuiti leverage to future proof our clients’ customer journeys.

Leah Lloyd

Senior Director, CRM & Email

Magith Noohukhan

Customer Engagement Evangelist

Level-Up Your MarTech Strategy & Customer Data

What does your MarTech strategy look like? Are you leveraging your stack to its highest potential? In this session, we’ll cover how you can build out with what you already have, how to optimize your CDP usage, and ultimately how to optimize your MarTech strategy.

Nirish Parsad

Marketing Technologist

Osama Khan

Senior Product Manager

Google Solutions for Brands to Build a Privacy-First Strategy

By now you’ve heard about Google’s Sandbox and Firebase solutions, which are paving the way for advertisers to build a privacy first-strategy. Let’s dive into how you can best leverage these tools in your strategy.

Nirish Parsad

Marketing Technologist

Sriram Narayanan

Head of Performance Measurement & Analytics,
US Agencies, Google

Apple’s ATT Prompt: Panel with Verizon Media

Closing the day with the big question: What will the fallout be from Apple’s ATT Prompt policy? ATT not only impacts the IDFA, but tracking for mobile app advertising as a whole (fingerprinting, email address, etc.). So, how many users will actually opt-in and what will this mean for marketers? In this session, we’ll hear both the agency and client perspectives on how to prepare. Don’t miss out on this critical conversation with Tinuiti and Verizon Media.

elizabeth emery tinuiti

Liz Emery

Senior Director, Mobile + Ad Tech Solutions

Suzie Orr

Susie Orr

Senior Marketing Manager, Growth Strategy and Operations