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Amazon Prime Day 2023 Prep Panel

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Plan A Successful Prime Day From Top to Bottom

While Prime Day itself is a sprint, the preparation leading up to it is a marathon – and a potentially even more challenging one this year given the current economic climate. Careful planning, thoughtful ad campaigns, and a strategy that is tailored to your business vertical and main KPIs are all critical.

The good news? A panel of experts weighed in on everything you need to know for a strong Prime Day performance, including how to utilize advertising and operations to boost results from the top of your funnel to the bottom.

We partnered with Amazon Seller tools experts eComEngine, omnichannel fulfillment solution Extensiv, and ecommerce software platform Salsify, to cover everything you need to know to have a stellar Prime Day.

What You’ll Learn

5-24-Amazon-Prime-Day-Prep Panel-Icon-1
What you need to do before, during, and after Prime Day for success on the day itself and a lift afterwards
5-24-Amazon-Prime-Day-Prep Panel-Icon-2
How to adapt your advertising strategy if you are working with a leaner budget this year
5-24-Amazon-Prime-Day-Prep Panel-Icon-3
A comprehensive (and downloadable!) checklist of the steps you need to take to triumph on Prime Day
Eric Eisner

Eric Eisner

Team Strategist, Marketplaces Search


Dani Nations

Danielle Nations

Specialist, Marketplace Search


Olivia Frere

Olivia Frere

Director, Brand Strategy

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Justin King

Justin King

VP B2B and Chief Evangelist

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Becky Trowbridge

Becky Trowbridge

Digital Marketing Manager

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