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Performance Influencer Marketing Guide

Influencer marketing that goes beyond awareness and vanity metrics

preview of performance influencer marketing guide with title slide and two sample pages

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“No longer can we rely on vanity metrics to tell the story of success in influencer marketing. We need to hold ourselves accountable and have the infrastructure in place to track through to more impactful metrics like conversions.”

Crystal Duncan SVP of Influencer Marketing at Tinuiti

Influencers are more than just brand builders–they have the unique ability to change perceptions, build trust, and lock in sales. Brands far and wide are seeing the all-encompassing value influencer marketing can have on their bottom lines and how influencers can be true full-funnel drivers.

In this guide, the largest independent performance marketing firm takes a deeper look at influencer marketing through the lens of performance to give you the full scope of where the industry stands today, what’s working, and predictions for influencer marketing in 2022.

In this guide, you will learn:

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