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The Ultimate Guide To Performance Streaming

Why Now Is the Time to Harness the Power of Streaming Ads to Fuel Your Marketing

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As marketers, we know that TV has been notoriously hard to measure. But those days are behind us now. Streaming video advertising is the next generation of performance marketing for brands that want to optimize their ads with modern machine learning and future proof them with owned data.

Streaming video is the final frontier and arguably the most powerful marketing tool on the biggest screen in the house. Now that TV has become digital and measurable, it’s time to incorporate streaming into your marketing plan.

“Performance streaming is a greenfield for growth marketers; and because measurement requires some sophistication, it hasn’t become an over-fished pond.”

Sean Odlum CEO at Bliss Point Media, a part of TinuitiSean Odlum

In this guide, you will learn:

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