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2021 Social Media Advertising Series

Social Strategies to Boost Brand Performance in the Age of Digital Privacy


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The internet’s push to privacy is changing everything we knew about social media advertising. Digital marketers need to reevaluate which strategies will soon become obsolete, which tactics to double-down on, and new techniques to make up for the loss of transparency. From audience approach to reliable platforms and tracking measurement, Tinuiti and partners are here to help marketers update their strategies in the face of increased privacy. Join our exclusive series as we unpack the top priorities for your social media advertising in a year where everything is changing.

What You’ll Learn:


The New Approach to Audience in Today’s Privacy Landscape

Apple’s IDFA prompt is set to go live in early Spring. Marketers will soon lose the visibility to track many of their users through apps. Don’t worry – we have solutions for audience targeting. In this session, we discuss what’s changing, how to rethink audience strategy, what to double-down on for best performance, and the new techniques to help you market in this new era.

riley headshot

Riley Spicer

Senior Manager, Paid Social Tinuiti
andrew long headshot

Andrew Long

General Manager/Product Leader Amperity

How TikTok’s Authenticity Impacts the Customer Journey

TikTok has emerged as not only the most popular social media platform—but arguably the most authentic one, which allows brands to build more trust with users. In this session, we discuss how the authenticity of TikTok impacts the customer journey, their latest integrations and app updates. We’ll also review our own client approach to TikTok measurement.


Avi Ben-Zvi

Group Director Paid Social Tinuiti
valerie bartlett headshot

Valerie Bartlett

Sales Lead, US Independent Agency Team TikTok

Creative & Storytelling Across Social Channels

All social media users are not created equal. Your social strategy requires tailored cross-channel creative and storytelling in each channel. In this session, our experts review the differences in audiences, as well as how to approach creative and messaging, and creative development on each platform.

whitney mortimer headshot

Whitney Mortimer

Creative Services Director Tinuiti
suzie chudzick headshot

Suzie Chudzik

Social Strategist Tinuiti
anthony reeves headshot

Anthony Reeves

Senior Vice President of Creative Movers + Shakers

Maximize Your Influencer Strategy: The Ever-Reliable Social Marketing Tool

In today’s digital world, where audience tracking will somewhat vanish, the powerful and long reach of the influencer will remain safe and sound. It’s time to fine-tune or adopt an influencer strategy to ensure you’re still reaching your audience. In this session, we discuss our new approach to maximizing influencer marketing.

katy lucey headshot

Katy Lucey

Director, Paid Social Tinuiti
stephen kerner headshot

Stephen Kerner

Director, Growth Media Tinuiti

Leverage Real-Time Purchase Intent to Boost Sales & Customer Growth

Are you leveraging machine learning to power your social campaigns? Join us to learn how you can efficiently and intelligently make decisions in real time by understanding your customer’s intent & behaviors. Let us help you connect all the dots so you can deliver a holistic and personalized customer experience. We’ll also dive into one of our most successful social campaigns of 2020.

kelsey miller headshot

Kelsey Miller

Senior Manager, Paid Social Tinuiti
bobby kelly headshot

Bobby Kelly

Director of Client Strategy Black Crow AI
lynne hamilton headshot

Lynne Hamilton

SVP Sales and Strategies Black Crow AI

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