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2023 Digital
Marketing Panels

What we covered

  • The biggest digital marketing trends our experts are spotting across the industry – and how your brand can put them into practice
  • Our predictions for what’s to come for 2023 and how you can prepare now
  • Answers to the most pressing questions we’ve gotten from brands all year
  • Strategies you can implement across all marketing channels to accelerate performance

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Digital Marketing, 2023 Style.

Our biggest event of the year will answer your most pressing questions – and help you prepare for what’s to come in 2023.

There are lots of challenges and competing priorities to navigate right now. Here are a few: using zero- and first-party data, converting audiences into customers, keeping up with ever-changing social media performance, ensuring that each of your ad dollars is spent efficiently.

The good news is that our experts and partners are weighing in on everything you need to know now to be ready for 2023. Join us across two jam-packed days. This is one you won’t want to miss.


How Do I Prepare for What’s Next in 2023?

How do you prepare for what’s next in 2023? Join us for an Honest discussion (pun intended) on consumer sentiment, the shifting consumer landscape, and how to win.

During this candid talk, we were joined in conversation by Tinuiti client and award-winning baby and beauty store, The Honest Company. Together, we dove how Honest has navigated retail challenges and pivoted through the ever-changing retail landscape to continue to reach its ideal customers.

meghan crowley headshot

Meghan Crowley

Director, Client Strategy Tinuiti
erin thoensen

Erin Thoensen

Vice President, General Manager Baby + Home Honest

How Do I Diversify My Presence Online and Get My Brand in Front of More People?

Consumer consumption patterns are changing and meeting people where they are is more imperative than ever.

Tinuiti’s marketplaces experts will be joined by our partners from the Amazon seller tools company, eComEngine, and the leading all-in-one platform for selling on Amazon, Jungle Scout. We’ll share brand strategy and forecasting tips for how to nurture your customers and convert leads. We dove into supply chain restraints, how to optimize delivery systems, opportunities to take advantage of on Amazon, and more.


Elizabeth Marsten

Group Director, Marketplaces Tinuiti
pat pertriello

Pat Petriello

Director, Amazon Strategy Tinuiti
mike wojciechowski

Mike Wojciechowski

Senior Director, Shoppable Media Tinuiti
colleen-quattlebaum _headshot

Colleen Quattlebaum

Director of Marketing eComEngine
jake zaratsian headshot

Jake Zaratsian

Ecommerce Training Expert Jungle Scout

How Do I Effectively Use My Data, Especially Now That Signal Loss Is More Prevalent?

Signal loss isn’t coming. It’s here. And understanding how to use data properly across your customer Lifecycle is more crucial than ever before.

During this session, hear from Tinuiti’s in-house experts alongside our partners from marketing automation platform, Klaviyo, and the world’s leading data activation platform, Hightouch. We covered best practices for data strategy to adapt to the current privacy-by-default landscape. You don’t want to miss these valuable tips to help you navigate the landscape going into next year.


Liz Emery

VP, Mobile + Ad Tech Tinuiti
leah lloyd headshot

Leah Lloyd

Group Director of Lifecycle Marketing Tinuiti
Ben Frutos

Ben Frutos

Lifecycle Marketing Director Klaviyo
alec-haase headshot

Alec Haase

Product & Marketing Lead Hightouch

How Can Social Perform Now That Content Is Changing?

The playbook for the type of content that performs best on social channels has been upended. Our Paid Social experts are joined by our partners from Reddit, and plug-and-play machine-learning platform, Black Crow, in this panel discussion.

We dove into how to overcome a lack of creative resources, how to incorporate macro- and micro-influencers, and how to develop a comprehensive social strategy that performs. Tune in to learn best practices for leveraging platforms, data, and more.


Avi Ben-Zvi

VP, Paid Social Tinuiti
diamond gooden heaadshot

Dimond Gooden

Associate Director, Paid Social Tinuiti
richard harris headshot

Richard Harris

CEO Black Crow AI
Taylor Mastorides headshot

Taylor Mastorides

Client Partner, Independent Agencies Reddit

How Do I Reach New Customers and Convert Audiences Into Customers?

In the challenging economic climate, brands are facing more pressure than ever to reach new customers – and to do so in a way that is budget-efficient.

In this session, join Tinuiti and our Streaming agency, Bliss Point Media, alongside our partners from custom algorithm platform, Chalice, and out-of-home advertising platform, Ad Quick. You’ll learn ways to maximize your ROI by filling the funnel. We covered solutions for overcoming common measurement challenges, audience targeting, and cookie deprecation.

kolin kleveno headshot

Kolin Kleveno

SVP of Addressable Media Tinuiti
geoff litwer headshot

Geoff Litwer

VP, Programmatic + Display Tinuiti
shane sabran headshot

Shane Sabran

SVP of Client Strategy and Analytics Tinuiti
ali manning headshot

Ali Manning

COO Chalice Custom Algorithms
adam singer headshot

Adam Singer

VP Marketing AdQuick

How Can I Be More Efficient With My Budget and Maximize the ROI of Each Dollar?

With economic uncertainty, it’s more critical than ever to ensure that each and every dollar of ad spend drives performance.

In this session, Tinuiti’s CRO experts will talk with our partners from conversion marketing and analytics platform, Justuno, and experience optimization platform, VWO, about how to efficiently convert customers, tools to leverage and how to get ahead. Enter 2023 with confidence by joining this informative session.


Kendall Giglio

VP, Web Solutions Tinuiti
felicia choi headshot

Felicia Choi

Associate Director, CRO Tinuiti

Steph Carcamo

Customer Experience and Support Operations Manager Justuno
rohit dey headshot

Rohit Dey

Director of Sales VWO

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