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5 Myths About Breaking Into the Streaming Space, Debunked

What We Covered:

  • The top five myths about Streaming Ads – broken down and myth-busted
  • Strategies to gain the most leverage and highest ROI on your Streaming advertising
  • A breakdown of Streaming landscape, including CTV, OTT, and audio
  • Why the cost of Streaming advertising is not out of your range

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There’s something scarier out there than Bigfoot and the Boogeyman combined – and that’s the myths many marketers believe about Streaming advertising. But much like a blurry snapshot of a mysterious creature, these misconceptions quickly fall apart upon closer investigation.

Watch Tinuiti’s streaming expert, Elisa Westman, as she breaks down the five most common myths about Streaming advertising so your brand can make a more informed investment decision.

Our Speaker


Elisa Westman

Director, Client Strategy and Analytics Tinuiti

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