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Budget Cuts? How to Prepare for the Economic Uncertainty with Conversion Rate Optimization


What we covered:

  • Why conversion rate optimization (CRO) becomes even more important when marketing budgets are cut, and how to leverage CRO to navigate economic uncertainty.
  • Designing landing pages that are user-friendly and increase conversion rates.
  • Understanding where traffic on your site is going and how to strategically drive people past the home page.
  • The importance of gathering qualitative research like user polling and other testing to understand your visitors.

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Relevancy, relevancy, relevancy: for every $92 spent driving potential customers to their sites, brands only spend $1 to convert them once they get there. This is a huge lost opportunity, especially when budgets get tightened during economic uncertainty.

In this webinar, our CRO expert dove into how CRO can create a positive ripple effect across all of your marketing efforts and the psychological and analytical levers you can pull to make it happen.

Our Speaker


Kendall Giglio

VP, Web Solutions Tinuiti

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