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Let’s Talk TikTok:
A Comprehensive Guide to Launching a TikTok Campaign

What You’ll Learn:

  • How to utilize creative, influencer, and social strategy from ideation to launching a campaign on TikTok
  • Not the 101, or 201–but the 301-level of how to be successful on TikTok
  • How one brand used TikTok as a direct response play and saw an increase in brand awareness
  • A hands-on workshop in developing a comprehensive TikTok strategy

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Build Your Best TikTok Campaign. TikTok has rewritten the rules of Paid Social – and in some ways, tossed the rule book out the window. And while many brands have adapted, there are many unique aspects to consider when building a TikTok campaign that performs.

Take the guesswork out of TikTok strategizing, and join Tinuiti’s Paid Social, Creative, and Influencer experts – plus our client, health company Olly – in this 301-level, 75-minute webinar, as they spill everything you need to know to build your best TikTok campaign to date.

Our Speakers

Lize Keefer headshot

Lize Keefer

Associate Director, Paid Social Tinuiti
Cory Philipson

Cory Philipson

Strategist, Paid Social Tinuiti
Amy Allegrezza

Amy Allegrezza

Senior Manager, Creative Strategy Tinuiti
Elan Lieber

Elan Lieber

Senior Growth Marketing Manager Olly
Kelsey Abell

Kelsey Abell

VP, Influencer Marketing Tinuiti

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