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Making Q4 the Season of Performance Creative

What We Covered:

  • Developing a unified creative strategy for the holiday season across all channels including social, email, website, and more
  • A month-by-month tactical playbook designed lay the foundation for strong Q4 2022 performance
  • How to build a robust creative testing plan that will maximize the efficiency of your media budget
  • Tricks for developing templates that enable quick pivots around logistical challenges

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Q4 2022 is shaping up to be one of the most competitive holiday seasons yet as customers and brands alike tighten their budgets amid a mounting recession. To succeed in this make-it-or-break-it moment, you need to plan early for a creative strategy that will resonate with your customers and maximize the efficiency of your media dollars.

Fortunately, experts from Tinuiti’s Creative team are here to help! Join Tinuiti’s Carla Anderson, Director of Creative, and Kevin Tyler, Director of Creative Strategy, to learn how creative strategy can be your biggest lever for optimization this Q4.

Our Speakers

Carla Anderson

Director, Creative Tinuiti
kevin tyler headshot

Kevin Tyler

Director of Creative Strategy Tinuiti

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