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In Need of a Banner Q4? Harness Social Creative

What We Covered:

  • The foundational information your brand needs to have a successful Q4. (Hint: This is not the time to test new strategies but to double down on what you know works for your audience)
  • How to customize your customer journey from October through December using overlays, frames, and other tactics to actually drive purchases with your creative
  • Using a surround-sound approach to create cohesive, targeted messaging across audiences and platforms
  • How to differentiate your creative on each platform and leverage new features that have emerged since last year like increased shopability

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Platform differentiation, otherwise known as crafting creative for the various stages of the shopper journey while ensuring you’re reaching the right number of touchpoints to convert an interested buyer on social media –is a tall order for Q4.

However, by using a 360-degree approach that leverages the different audience touchpoints and strategically repurposes existing assets throughout the holiday season, you can have the success you are looking for.

In this webinar, we talked about how to develop your customer journey in Q4, how to efficiently differentiate across platforms, and have a cohesive story in your creative this holiday season.

Our Speakers

Lauren Walden

Lauren Walden

Associate Director, Paid Social Tinuiti

Hudson Haines

Senior Creative Director Tinuiti

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