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Tinuiti Joins Boll & Branch at Grow NYC 2024 to Unveil Top Branding Strategies in Linear and Streaming Platforms

By Tara Johnson
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The Grow NYC 2024 conference, held on July 9 at Center 415 in Manhattan, brought together prominent figures in the eCommerce industry, including founders, marketers, investors, and tech providers. Known for its emphasis on current trends and strategies in online retail, the event featured insightful talks, workshops, and abundant networking opportunities.

A standout session was “On the Air: Strategies for Brand Excellence through Linear and Streaming TV,” presented by Tinuiti and Boll & Branch. This session tackled the challenge that DTC brands face in balancing lower-funnel targets and immediate goals with the need for brand awareness campaigns. 

Boll & Branch, a luxury bedding and linens company founded in 2014 is renowned for its commitment to using 100% organic cotton and ethical production practices, creating high-quality, sustainable products.

Michelle Carrara, Senior Director of Growth at Boll & Branch, and Harry Browne, Tinuiti’s Innovation and Growth Lead for TV, Audio, and Display, shared how Boll & Branch strategically utilizes linear and streaming TV to access high-visibility inventory effectively. They highlighted the significance of diverse inventory, robust measurement, and a dynamic strategy in achieving sustainable growth across various marketing stages.

3 Key Takeaways

  1.  Remember the Full Funnel: The session underscored the importance of a balanced approach to advertising that generates future demand without sacrificing near-term efficiency.
  2. Robust Measurement: Accurate and thorough measurement is crucial in assessing the effectiveness of marketing campaigns and making data-driven decisions.
  3. Dynamic Strategy: Adapting marketing strategies to the evolving landscape is essential for sustainable growth and staying ahead of the competition.

Grow NY was a fantastic opportunity not only to connect with the leading voices in eCommerce but also to share the important lessons we have learned through our long time partnership with Boll & Branch. I’m extremely grateful that Michelle was able to come and share her insights, which were so valuable to retailers looking to strike a balance in their marketing campaigns.

Harry Browne Innovation and Growth Lead for TV, Audio, and Display, Tinuitiharry-browne_headshot

At Tinuiti, our full-funnel agency model is set up to not only help your brand connect to your audience across every screen but to track attribution across the entire funnel. Ready to rethink your marketing strategy? Get in touch and find out how we can help accelerate your brand’s performance.

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