Tinuiti Featured in Amazon's New Find a Partner Directory

By Tinuiti Team

Tinuiti, North America’s largest independent performance and data-driven digital marketing agency, announced that Amazon has included the agency in its new “find-a-partner directory.”

As a result of Tinuiti’s unique market position and service offerings, including its proprietary API-powered CAPx tool, the agency qualified for listings in both categories of the directory under:

Featured partners were selected based on the agency’s high level of engagement and proficiency with Amazon advertising, a track record in helping advertisers optimize campaigns and achieve business goals, and reliability as trustworthy partners who connect with Amazon audiences in meaningful ways.

We Speak Amazon

With more than $1.2 billion in managed revenue on Amazon and as one of the first agencies to market, Tinuiti’s robust Amazon program offers creative support, leading technology solutions, and channel expertise to ensure long-term success for its fast-growth and global enterprise clients. 

“We are excited and proud to be part of Amazon’s ‘find-a-partner directory’ and to be able to offer advertisers of all sizes a full array of Amazon services from strategic planning to execution and operational consulting, all backed by technology,” said Pat Petriello, Head of Marketplace Strategy at Tinuiti.

“The directory is a great way for brands and advertisers to find Amazon trusted partners and we’re looking forward to engaging with those brands to ensure their continued growth on Amazon.”

About Tinuiti & Our Amazon Solutions

Tinuiti is the new name for Elite SEM and its recently acquired agencies CPC Strategy, Email Aptitude and OrionCKB. Tinuiti is a performance and data-driven digital marketing leader that helps clients Identify, Acquire, and Engage customers across the digital media ecosystem while their post-click solutions Retain and Reactivate consumers as they continue their digital journey.

customer centric marketing

With expertise in Search, Social, Amazon & Marketplaces, Mobile Apps, Email Marketing and more, every solution is built on best-in-class data and analytics, brought to life by brilliant creative execution, and powered by exceptional strategists.

Build Success on Amazon for the Long-Term

As one of the first Amazon agencies to identify Amazon as a disruptor and opportunity, we invested heavily in Amazon early on and it shows in our program’s comprehensiveness, scale, and effectiveness.

We’re native with Amazon’s entire flywheel, from retail operations to display to creative and combine that with our digital industry context to scale your business on and off Amazon. More importantly, we provide the knowledge and resources to diligently manage and grow your Marketplace performance for success over the long-term, not just short-term gains.

Curious to see who we work with? Check out our case studies.

With the most evolved Amazon program in the industry, tinuiti.combines a team of Amazon experts, vetted processes, and proprietary technology to help brands navigate the dynamic Amazon landscape, build a strategy focused on growing sales and brand representation, and execute against marketing programs that drive measurable returns.

Tinuiti’s Amazon Solutions include:

Q4 Prep: Why Now Is The Time To Partner With The Experts

Summer’s wrapping up and Prime Day has officially come to a close. For Amazon sellers, that means just one thing: it’s time to talk Q4.

It might seem like holiday talk is premature, but really, we’re just a few months away from when the spending spree begins.

In fact, looking at last year’s data, some sellers will need to start ramping up as soon as early October in order to capitalize on their industry’s holiday sales trends. Do you want to make sure your brand is well-poised for end-of-year success on Amazon? This guide can help.

As a marketplace seller or even a vendor considering expanding to 3P, you know the competition is fierce. The winners will be defined by their ability to focus on their overall business goals while adapting to changes on the platform.

The failures will waste their time blindly optimizing product descriptions and modifying bids until their business gets choked out (by the winners, of course). But there’s a secret weapon a lot of winners rely on: An Amazon agency or consultant they trust.

Here are a few ways to tell if it’s time for you to do the same:

  1. You Don’t Have Time to Optimize and Manage Ads
  2. You Haven’t Invested in Branding (But You Know You Should)
  3. You’re Unsure How to Optimize Product Listings to Rank
  4. You’re Always the Last to Know About Amazon’s Policy Changes
  5. Tedious Daily Operations are Eating Up Your Time
  6. You Can’t Seem to Get in Touch With Amazon Support
  7. You’re Relying on Tools and Apps to Get By
  8. You’re Worried About Giving Up Control to An Agency or Consultant
  9. You’re Successful in Brick and Mortar Stores, but are Just Starting Out on Amazon
  10. You Know You’re Losing Money Somewhere, and You’re Not Sure Where


The Bottom Line

In the past, many sellers considered Amazon another eBay. They’d resell products on the side, or sell cheap products without paying much attention to their product copy, content, or ads.

Things have changed.

With every policy change, Amazon pushes out more of those sellers (and resellers) looking to make a quick buck, and makes room for more brands and professional sellers who will uphold their reputation.

With the help of an agency, you could be the latter.

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