Oxyfresh Teams Up With CPC Strategy, Amazon Sales Jump 110%

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From mouthwash to toothpaste and nutritional smoothies, Oxyfresh is rooted in all things that make you (and your pets) happy and healthy.

Judging by their community of loyal customers – from athletes to superhero parents and pet lovers, they’ve gone above and beyond to prove the brand’s worth.

But two years ago, one of the biggest hurdles for the Idaho-based company was how to tackle the Amazon Marketplace.

“Amazon is its own animal. Sometimes people make the mistake of thinking what they do for their Google advertising will work on Amazon too –  but that’s just not the case. You have to look at it with fresh eyes,” Melissa Gulbranson, Vice President of Marketing at Oxyfresh said.


Melissa Gulbranson


In the following interview, we spoke with Gulbranson to find out why Oxyfresh decided to start selling their products on Amazon, what their experience has been like on the Marketplace, and what they are working on now.

Oxyfresh Enters Amazon Marketplace

Almost 20 years ago, when Gulbranson joined the Oxyfresh team she had no idea her summer job would evolve into a longterm relationship. From customer service to internet marketing, Gulbranson knows all the ins and outs of the company.

She’s also a witness to the expansion of Oxyfresh’s target audience.

“Back when Oxyfresh started, we focused on selling our products to health professionals – especially dental professionals.”

At the time, Oxyfresh was the first brand of its kind to market an alcohol-free mouth rinse.

“For many years, that was our niche but then our customers started to ask if we sold similar products for their dogs and pets. That is how our pet line started and since, we’ve expanded into nutrition too,” she said.


Even though health professionals were (and still are) important to Oxyfresh, over the years they discovered that their customers wanted to buy products directly – rather than having to purchase through a dental or pet office.

“Even if a customer moved to a new city or got a new dentist or veterinarian – they still wanted to order our products.”

Oxyfresh shifted it’s primary B2B selling model to include distributing products through their ecommerce site.

“About 18 months ago, we realized we were missing out a big opportunity by just having customers purchase products on our ecommerce site.”

“We know our customers shop on Amazon all the time – so it only made sense that they should be able to add Oxyfresh products to their shopping cart.”

Oxyfresh & CPC Strategy Partner Up For Advertising

“In 2016, we jumped into the Marketplace,” Gulbranson said.

Four months after they listed – one of Oxyfresh’s employees met a CPC Strategy member at a conference in Southern California.

“At the time, we were looking for someone to partner with for our Amazon advertising efforts – so we signed on.”



Why did Oxyfresh decide to outsource advertising efforts?

According to Gulbranson, it all came down to two very important things: focus and a proven track record.

“We are really good at creating phenomenal products and developing community. But when we started  to look at how to manage our Amazon advertising efforts, we knew we needed someone that not only had a proven track record of helping other companies but could ensure Amazon advertising would be the focus.”

“Sure, we could have brought in a new team member but then we would of had to train them. We wanted to get it right – right out of the gate.”

“CPC Strategy already knew what to do vs. what not to do on Amazon. The choice was clear … partner with someone who already has a focus on the Marketplace,” she said.

“Another thing worth mentioning is that a lot of companies probably think they will save cost by giving this responsibility to an internal person. The reality is, you don’t. You actually save on cost by finding the right partner because you will see results quicker.”

Oxyfresh Dominates The Marketplace

As you can see in the image below, we saw significant improvements in performance, largely due to:



“It was great to work with Jordan and the rest of the Creative Team on content because they knew exactly what we needed. Working with Jordan also allowed us to test different strategies and make adjustments really quickly,” Gulbranson said.

“For example, with our content re-writes, we simply filled out a brief and got all of our re-writes in very little time. It was easy.” 

“Saving time is definitely one of the advantages of working with a partner like CPC Strategy. They produce what we need quickly and Jordan always makes us feel like a priority.”

jordan gisch
Jordan Gisch, Sr. Marketplace Channel Analyst at CPC Strategy

Amazon Success Leads To:

Since the CPC team started managing these paid platforms, Oxyfresh  has been freed up to invest in other marketing endeavors, such as:


1) Product Expansion

“We believe your smile starts on the inside, so now we’re focusing on promoting our nutrition line made from real ingredients. Our shake is amazing (very low in sugar, bolster of greens). The best part about it is you can mix it just with water and it tastes great!”


2) Total Rebranding

The next big project for Oxyfresh is a full rebranding in Q2.

“We haven’t touched our branding since 1990. Even though we continue to break record after record on Amazon, we know in order to stay competitive we need to refresh our creative.”

3) New Channel Opportunities

In many ways, the success of Oxyfresh on the Marketplace has been a catalyst to get their products into other channels.

“Big box retailers like a Petco and Costco are looking at your presence on Amazon and using it as a way to evaluate if they should bring you onto their platform.”



“We just joined, largely because of our success on Amazon.”

“Our relationship with Chewy also spurred off of our success on the Marketplace. All these other opportunities are coming to us because of our Amazon presence and positive reviews.”


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