Tinuiti Offers Target Product Ads To Reach Shoppers at the Point of Purchase

By Tinuiti Team

Tinuiti now offers Target Product Ads, giving advertisers another way to reach shoppers as they browse and search on Target. With over 1,900 stores across the United States, over 30 million weekly in-store shoppers, and even more online, Target is one of the key destinations that shoppers go to for what they want and need. Tinuiti will provide brands the opportunity to reach relevant audiences at scale, effectively build awareness, and drive scale through  Target Product Ads.

With Tinuiti’s “Better Together” approach—and powerful, proprietary AI-enabled eCommerce activation toolset, MobiusX—your brand’s marketplace strategy will be unified and diversified across all the leading retail platforms.
Why Partner with Tinuiti
With a proven playbook, we know what works and what doesn’t with Retail Media. Due to our deep knowledge of Retail Media, including Target and beyond, we bring the “Tinuiti Difference” which includes: 

For more information click the link below https://tinuiti.​com/what-we-do/our-services/target 

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