The New In-House Kroger Advertising Platform is Now Live

By Tinuiti Team

When it comes to grocery shopping giants in the United States, one name stands out above the rest – Kroger. Kroger has not only become the largest grocery retailer in the country but has also been a pioneer in revolutionizing the shopping experience over the years. The growing chain has seen 96% of sales captured through their loyalty card program, and to top it off, a whopping 4 billion transactions per year. This leader in the grocery industry sees 11 million in-store customers every single day and a staggering 30 million online shoppers every month.

Despite their incredible reach and customer loyalty, advertisers have often faced a significant challenge when it comes to leveraging Kroger’s advertising offerings. Marketers noted that Kroger’s advertising offerings were fragmented, making it difficult for brands to navigate and create effective campaigns.

Kroger has heard advertiser’s cries and they’re taking action to simplify the entire process of creating and activating on-site Kroger campaigns. On October 13th, they officially launched their brand new in-house advertising platform. This game-changing platform is set to redefine how advertisers engage with Kroger’s vast customer base, offering them a more seamless and effective way to connect with their target audience. Let’s dive into the details of this update and explore how it can up-level your advertising efforts on Kroger’s platform.


What’s New in the Kroger Advertising Platform?


Let’s check out what’s new in the Kroger advertising platform and some of the top noteworthy features.


A One-Stop Shop for On-Site Advertising


The Kroger Advertising Platform provides a one-stop shop for Kroger on-site advertising making it easier to activate campaigns and provide a quicker and more seamless experience for media buys. This means advertisers can now easily activate campaigns, gather crucial data insights, and optimize performance all within a single, unified platform.


“The launch of the new Kroger Ad Platform enables Tinuiti to manage our Kroger buys more efficiently by allowing us to see everything we need for our on-site campaigns within one platform. This gives us the ability to measure, gather insights and optimize campaigns quickly to drive better performance for our clients.” 

– Raquel Kozlowski, Associate Director of Retail Programmatic at Tinuiti 


Consolidation of Product Listing Ads and On-Site Display Advertising


Kroger is streamlining its offerings further by rolling existing product listing ads and on-site display advertising into the self-service platform. This consolidation not only makes managing your advertising efforts more convenient but also enhances your ability to reach and engage Kroger’s vast customer base. 

Kroger also noted that in the coming months, the entire Kroger Precision Marketing portfolio will be made available to advertisers which will be ideal for brands looking to further maximize their reach and impact.


From Fragmented to Seamless


In the past, running an on-site advertising campaign with Kroger involved navigating multiple platforms. Creative assets had to be uploaded into one platform, while campaign activation occurred in another. This fragmented process often led to inefficiencies and challenges in creative management. Now, with Kroger’s new update, everything is consolidated into a single, user-friendly platform.


Simple Migration for All Advertisers + Third-Party Inventory Management Options


The transition to the new platform is designed to be smooth for all advertisers. By the end of 2023, all advertisers will have the opportunity to make the move. For those who prefer to manage their inventory through third-party apps, you’re in luck. The new Kroger Advertising Platform is built with flexibility in mind, allowing you to choose the inventory management solution that works best for your business needs.


Why Marketers Should Invest in Kroger Ads


This new update is exciting for marketers utilizing Kroger ads, but if you haven’t taken the plunge quite yet – why should you consider investing in the Kroger marketplace? Let’s break down a few top benefits: 



While all of those benefits are fantastic, what really sets Kroger Ads apart is their commitment to innovation. They actively listen to marketers’ feedback, enhancing the platform to ensure it’s always effective and cutting-edge. So, what’s next for Kroger?


What’s Next in the World of Kroger Advertising


Kroger is positioned to become a major retail media prospect for advertisers, particularly within the grocery and CPG space. They are actively seeking ways to empower brands to enhance customer experiences and boost revenue by leveraging their store’s valuable first-party data. Alongside their newly updated platform, they’re on the verge of a merger with Albertsons, poised to expand Kroger’s reach to consumers across the United States. 

Interested in advertising on Kroger? If you’d like to learn more about these updates as well as additional advertising opportunities on Kroger, reach out to one of our experts for more information.

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