Q4 Ecommerce Strategy: Google Holiday Tips

By Tinuiti Team

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Q4 Ecommerce Strategy: Google Holiday Tips
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Google’s Think Insights recently published a great article highlighting some insightful Q4 ecommerce statistics for the upcoming holiday season.

Below are the main takeaways from that article, with additional tips on how to maximize your Q4 marketing campaigns.

More Consumers Shop Online and Via Mobile During Q4

“In fact, with the exception of boomers and seniors 3 (55+), every demographic we asked plans to shop more on the internet than in brick-and-mortar retail stores.”

Q4 Ecommerce Strategy: Online & Mobile ShoppingEcommerce holiday strategy

Shoppers are increasingly purchasing and comparing products online than in retail stores. AND more purchases are made through tablets and mobile devices.

Here are some steps to make sure you can take advantage of these consumers:

Online Shopping For Q4 Starts Early

“In July, nearly half of surveyed shoppers already had made plans for when to purchase their holiday gifts. Of those actively planning, 30% are expecting to start before Halloween, with 9% starting before Labor Day, according to our surveys.”

Q4 Ecommerce Strategy: Early Online Shopping

I just started my online shopping this month (it’s August), and I’m not alone. Here are some tips to help you take leverage online shoppers who are purchasing before Q4:


Consumers Comparison Shop During Q4

“Roughly one third of those surveyed did online research to determine what type of gift to buy, the brand to choose, and where to get it.”

Q4 Ecommerce Strategy: Q4 Comaprison Shopping

Ecommerce Strategy, Q4 holiday comparison shopping

According to Google, up to 40% of this year’s sales will likely happen during the holiday shopping season. Your marketing efforts during Q4 could make or break your fiscal year.
Here are some tips to maximize your ROI during Q4:

This checklist is a good place to start, but there are so many others areas where you may be missing out on conversions for Q4. Check out the list below for additional tutorials to help you maximize your Q4 marketing campaigns.


39% of shoppers have already started their holiday shopping. Get your holiday ecommerce strategy going and get more Q4 sales.


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