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Programmatic marketing is a buzzword that’s gained a lot of steam in the last year, especially with the advent of real-time bidding (RTB). The potential is a prospect where an advertiser can determine a potential customers’ demographic and/or interests, compete with other advertisers’ bids, and serve the prospect with a a targeted, relevant advertisement. We’ll probably see this soon with sponsored content and native ads.

Chango is an agency on the forefront of programmatic marketing technology, and we had the pleasure of catching up with their VP of Marketing, Ben Plomion.


Describe Chango in 50 words or less.

Ben: Chango is a marketing technology company that puts marketers ahead of their competition. Our combination of proven technology, top industry talent and proprietary data provides solutions to marketer’s most complex problems.

How will programmatic marketing play a role in the future of digital advertising?

Ben: Programmatic marketing IS the future! We believe in helping advertisers deliver the right message to the right customer at the right time; this will be a huge part of digital advertising’s future. The ability to use programmatic marketing to find the right customers using data and then deliver these messages across a variety of mediums (display, video, FBX News Feed, Twitter) on a variety of devices (in other words flow/sequential advertising) is where we see the future of digital advertising.  

What platforms/sites have you found to be most effective for retargeting ads and why do you think that is?

Ben: We have found that FBX (both Right Hand Side and News Feed ads) have been an effective way to attract customers who have visited and advertiser’s site or searched for a relevant brand term. The beauty of FBX is that  in addition to click-through, you get the added benefit of engagement with your ad (Likes, Shares, Comments, etc.)

What is Chango’s unique selling proposition (USP)?

Ben-plomion-chango-programmatic-marketingBen: Our advertising solutions solve the common problems faced by marketers today – using Display advertising, we help prospects for new customers with Search Retargeting and convert existing site visitors with Programmatic Site Retargeting. Chango is the first approved partner on Facebook’s FBX platform that takes 300 million search profiles inside the worlds largest social network – uniquely combing search with social.

Chango’s media technology solutions allow large organizations to build scaleable media businesses using their own unique audience data. Our Audience Extension solution is designed for publishers that want to add scale to their existing media business.

With over 400+ million audience profiles globally, Chango integrates the best targeting data from 3rd party providers plus our own exclusive search data collected from Google, Yahoo!, and Bing.

What are the benefits of Chango to an ecommerce website?

Ben: The rise of programmatic marketing promises to make selling and buying over the Internet easier and more efficient than ever.

PSR (Programmatic Site Retargeting) and Search Retargeting are breakthroughs for e-commerce because they allow the marketer to serve the right ads to the right people at exactly the right moment. The days of buying a bunch of inventory on a site and hoping the right people show up to view your ads will soon be over. And that, of course, means more sales for online retailers.

What kind of retailer/business is best suited for Chango’s service?

Ben: We have had great success with mid to enterprise level retailers in addition to a great cast of entertainment & media companies, Consumer Finance, B2B, Auto and CPG. Our clients come from all sorts of verticals and the reason that this works is that our platform, in most cases, allows us to integrate with a clients 1st party data if necessary.

What’s next for Chango?

Ben: We have a lot to look forward to in the future. We have an amazing team doing awesome stuff all across the board from marketing and biz dev to engineering team. We are always thinking of how to improve not only our company and solutions but advance the ad tech industry overall. In the immediate future, keep your eyes on a new Twitter ad product that we have been working on with Twitter for the past several months and a mobile product as well.

How can a business get started with Chango?

Ben: They can visit our website and/or call to speak to us directly at 1-800-385-0607!

About Ben:

Ben is VP of Marketing at Chango, where he heads up marketing and communications. Prior to joining Chango, Ben worked with GE Capital for four years to establish and lead the digital media practice. Ben graduated from GE’s Experienced Commercial Leadership program after completing his MBA at McGill University. Ben writes frequently for MediaPost, Digiday, and ClickZ. Ben is based in NYC.

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