Q&A With CEO Arie Shpanya – Retail Pricing Specialist

By Tinuiti Team

We all know the online retail world is a rough place.  You can have a great website, fantastic products, and excellent customer service and still be down on your conversions.  One common reason this happens is your pricing, which could ultimately be the #1 factor an online shopper considers.  CPC Strategy sits down with’s Founder & CEO Arie Shpanya to discuss their services in optimizing online retailers’ prices.

Describe your company in 140 characters or less.

WisePricer is a full-featured pricing engine that monitors, analyzes and reprices retail products in real-time.

Anything else you’d like to add to that description?

With automated repricing and easy sync, online retailers can stay ahead of their competition.

Just so we don’t string any retailers along, what’s your target market? Who’s your ideal customer? What are your costs?

Our target market is Small-Medium Businesses (SMBs). An ideal client for us would be an online retailer like or Our costs are split into 3 categories:

How does your company provide a solution to the needs, wants and desires of online retailers?

Retailers need an easy to use price monitoring and repricing tool to stay ahead of their competition. WisePricer provides retailers with the necessary data to know what to sell, where to sell it, and how much to sell it for.

What’s typical in terms of your results, or what a merchant can do with your service to get more sales & profit?

A merchant has the ability to monitor their competition and reprice in real-time so they can increase their sales velocity.

What does implementation look like? Costs? Time? Resources? What’s involved?

A user can register their WisePricer account within less than a minute.  The user is then directed to the WisePricer dashboard (WiseBoard) and will be able to connect their shopping cart and sync all products in one click, as you can see below.

Once products are imported into the account, the user is ready to go. The system will start to scan and track down competitors within the first 24 hours. Upon garnering this data, the user can set their repricing rules and refine setup options according to their needs.

The initial implementation costs will depend on the type of account the user signs up for. Users can try our Premium option for a free 30-day trial.

How can a merchant get started with working with your company?

Go to WisePricer and signup for a 30 day free trial!

About Arie: Arie Shpanya is the Founder & CEO of  He has extensive experience in e-commerce and online retail and has previously founded and led a full-service e-commerce consultancy called imOnline. Arie also consults for a number of early-stage e-commerce Internet start-ups as well as for more established firms.

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