Traffic for Top Retail Sites Soar Over Last Year’s

By Tinuiti Team

Our good friends over at the eTail dTail blog have presented an interesting look at how some of the top sites stack up compared to this period last year.

The chart combines traffic data from:,,,,,,,, and

Leading up until Cyber Monday the year over year differences were rather minimal, but since then traffic has spiked by a consistent 25% each day.

Even if we were to align the dates up so that Cyber Monday and Black Friday match on the chart, it’s easy to see that more and more shoppers are turning to the internet for their holiday shopping.

If history is any indication then, we should be in the period right now where traffic begins to wane as the shipping cut-off for most retailers have already passed, but it should pick up as people find gift cards under their trees and head online–perhaps to a comparison shopping engine :-)

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