Client Case Study in Yahoo Advertising Solutions: How We Help Our Clients Grow

By Tinuiti Team

What drives Elite SEM to be better at what we do? Tangible success stories for our clients.
In this month’s “Yahoo Advertising Blog”, the search engine included a full feature article about how the Elite SEM team leveraged Yahoo’s “Rich Ads in Search” (RAIS) on the Yahoo! Bing Network to increase the click-through rates of our client, ideeli, by over 300% and lower their cost-per-acquisition rates.

Elite SEM has been working with ideeli since 2009, consistently setting record highs for membership since the beginning of our relationship. We are always exploring new ways to expand reach, improve results, and get more publicity for our clients and their online marketing campaigns.

With this mindset in place, our Senior Account Executive, Chris Chang, pitched the idea of executing Rich Ads in Search on Yahoo! Bing Network to ideeli back in 2011. He believed that RAIS could help optimize the brand’s campaign performance, nurture a more relevant search experience, and reach the right kinds of customers. If all went as planned, this new placement would prompt a positive return on investment and lower cost-per-acquisition fees. The campaign worked great for the brand and continues to drive new leads every day.

Yahoo!’s Rich Ads in Search were launched in late 2011 and provide advertisers with visually eye-pleasing “black box ad units” right on Yahoo!’s Search Engine Results page that reach over 30% of the US search market. The RAIS allow advertisers more flexibility in regards to messaging and, according to Yahoo, average a “40-50% higher CTR when compared to a standard text ad.” This is in contrast to an approximate CTR of about 5-10% for non-black box ads. In addition, we find that Yahoo RAIS offer a more visually appealing experience for advertisers and brands.

Read more on ideeli’s success story here and what Chris and Dan (ideeli’s Director of Online Advertising) have to say about it all!

Ask us about how we can use Rich Ads in Search for your brand today!

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