Elite SEM “Extreme Segmentation” Article Featured on PPC Hero

By Tinuiti Team

Just recently Elite SEM VP Zach Morrison wrote an article entitled “Elite SEM Extreme Segmentation through Proprietary Bid & Campaign Management Tool” that was featured on the PPC strategy and industry news site PPC Hero.

This advanced SEM strategy article details how Elite SEM uses “Extreme Segmentation” to get the most effective and efficient search results out of our clients paid search campaigns.  Zach uses Elite SEM client as an example to show the benefits to having separate campaigns to bid separately for networks, device types, and campaign types for search and display.

By breaking out campaigns by match type, network, device types and any other segments that have different auctions or competition (leading to different results) you can not only bid appropriately to get to a desired average position or efficient ROI  but you can also budget accordingly based on return and overall campaign goals.

As Zach mentions later in the article while it may be daunting to manage the amount of campaigns necessary to bid and budget using Extreme Segmentation Elite SEM utilizes different bid management technologies to automate bid management based on optimization goals.  Doing this makes managing Extreme Segmenting not only a breeze but extremely profitable for our clients!

For more information about Elite’s “Extreme Segmentation” approach, best practice using bid management tools, or to have an Elite SEM Expert write an article for a PPC strategy or industry related  topic please reach out to [email protected] for more details.

See below for a link to Zach’s PPC Hero article:

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