Elite SEM Google Client Summit 2.0

By Tinuiti Team

On June 7th 2013 the search experts of Elite SEM and our partners at Google met at the Google Chicago office to host the Second Annual Elite SEM Google Client Summit.  For those unfamiliar, the 2012 Elite SEM Google Client Summit was an overwhelming success, and provided our employees, valued clients, and partners great insight into the rapidly evolving landscape of mobile advertising, attribution, and winning the zero moment of truth.

What relevant online marketing topics would be covered this year?  The wait is over; please see below our 2013 Elite SEM Google Client Summit recap!

Finding the Full Value of Digital with Mobile

Speaker– Gayle Dedie, Media Solutions Specialist who specializes in social, video, mobile, and display cross-platform solutions at Google started the conference off with a bang.  She started the group off with a presentation outlining the key mobile metrics advertisers will have to measure and optimize to in today’s always-connected multiscreen world.


There are “new” types of conversions we all need to measure

All brands should now be measuring the follow mobile specific conversion types online

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Context and device type give us useful information

Targeting the Full Value of Performance Display

Speaker – Adam Smoller, Head of Performance Display at Google was our second speaker.  He started off his session by stating that marketers have always been interested in reaching customers where they are, with messages they care about, at scale.  The question is how can we effectively do that online?


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Measuring the Full Customer Journey

Speaker – We saved the best for last with Jordan Rost: our fearless leader and Google Agency Representative.  Jordan’s presentation on the full customer journey was a great way to tie the week of IRCE and all the previous presentations together with a holistic view of the online marketing landscape.


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And there you have it, a comprehensive overview of the Elite SEM Google Client Summit 2.0!

A very special thanks to all the members of Google, Elite SEM, and our clients who took part in the conversation, and to Jordan Rost who was just named Search Engine Agency Rep of the century for helping us put everything together and being an awesome guy.

If you’d like to learn more about Elite SEM events coming up later in the year or would like a digital copy of any of the presentations that were reviewed please feel free to email me directly at [email protected].

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