On Friday June 8th, Elite SEM will be teaming up with our friends at Google Chicago to host an entire day of learning and networking. This summit will be focused entirely on SEM, SEO, and social media strategies and tactics. Our invited clients will be presented the opportunity to engage in thought-provoking conversations and panel discussions. Most importantly, attendees will be able to give feedback on their experience as a player in this fast-paced industry. Elite SEM in turn will be able to gain perspective from the other end of the spectrum –the most important end of the spectrum, our clients.

Program Agenda

 9:30am to 10am : Breakfast Intro

 10am to 12pm : Speakers (3 speakers: 30 minutes each with 10 minutes for questions)

  • The Mobile Playbook: The goal here is to talk through consumer changes regarding mobile and how we’re seeing advertisers respond. It will be a great opportunity for those who haven’t built out a mobile site for us to hammer home the value of investing in that market.
  • Zero Moment of Truth: How do we apply a direct-response mindset to the ideas laid to out to you? This will provide a walkthrough of how some direct-response advertisers have approached the changing online marketing landscape.
  • Attribution and Measurement: This will outline and survey all of the challenges we’re finding marketers facing when trying to assign credit to all of their online media channels. We will walk through the options marketers are considering in addressing the issue.

12pm to 12:45pm : Lunch

12:45pm to 1:45pm : Roundtables (20 minutes for each; each table will have an Elite SEMer and a Googler to facilitate)

  • Conversion Rates –What has worked and what has not?
  • Social Media –What has worked and what has not?
  • Winning SEO Strategies in 2011 –What will you do differently/the same for 2012?

1:45pm to 1:55pm : Elite SEM Closing

  • Feedback from our clients



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