Elite SEM is now a Microsoft Advertising Accredited Professional Company. We are one of fourteen companies that have received this badge of excellence with the third largest account team that is certified as MSN advertisers.

Why is this important? The Microsoft Advertising Accredited Professional program recognizes search marketing agencies that stand out among the rest.  The program itself gives search marketers the opportunity to gain “valuable Microsoft adCenter knowledge” (Microsoft Advertising, 2012) through its training videos. Search engine marketers are able to distinguish their industry skills and, most importantly, gain additional credibility with prospects and clients.  The badge can be seen on our home page.

“It is important to stay relevant and up to date with these new tools in order to really give our clients the best return on their investment,” said Zach Morrison, Elite SEM’s Vice President.   “The online marketing industry is constantly on the brink of change and evolution. Therefore, it is necessary to be recognized as credible advertisers to those who are entrusting you with their marketing campaigns”.

Contact one of our MSN certified advertisers to learn more about the program and enhance your online presence on Bing and the MSN adCenter (the “Search Alliance”).

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