Elite SEM Featured on the <em>Today Show</em>

By Tinuiti Team

The Today Show aired a segment on Millennials and how they live and work—Debunking Millennial Misconceptions. Elite SEM was featured as an example of Millennials succeeding in the workplace. We couldn’t have been more excited to spend the afternoon with Al Roker and the Today Show team as they learned about our culture and business model.

Ben and Zach with Al Roker from the Today Show
Ben and Zach with Al Roker from the Today Show

Elite SEM has proven that a people-first mentality drives results. From the beginning, we’ve treated employees as “intrapreneurs,” which means that each team member has an ownership stake in the business. This meritocracy allows our employees to earn a share of the profits when they deliver digital marketing results for our clients. It also allows them the flexibility to work wherever and whenever they like.

We operate on a “Great Lives for Great People” philosophy, and have four core values that set the tone for our company’s culture: Strive for Greatness, Love What You Do, Attitude of Gratitude, and Circle of Education. Everyone we hire at Elite embodies these values, which keeps our amazing culture thriving as we grow.

As our business grows and we hire new members for our team, we ask each candidate “culture questions” to make sure their values line up with ours.

Al Roker himself was put through a culture interview when he came to visit. Some questions the Elite team asked included: what is on his bucket list (climbing Mount Kilimanjaro was on there), what his current coworkers would say about him (apparently, he’s a little gassy), and how he would fit into the company culture (he regards himself as an older Millennial and he would be a father figure in the office).

Al Roker did a good job answering the questions and in the end his interviewers felt that he would make a great contribution to our company culture. So Al, if you ever want to transfer those weather forecasting skills to digital marketing, you know where to find us!

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Interested in working for Elite SEM? Check out our Careers page to see if we have a position that would be a good fit.

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