Tinuiti Primed for Next Phase of Growth with New Partner

By Tinuiti Team

As CEO of Tinuiti, it’s my job to constantly look to the future. To be thinking about not just what is happening today – and in 2020, there has been a lot of that – but also at what we are going to need to continue to be the largest independent performance marketing firm across the triopoly of Google, Facebook and Amazon in three years, in five years, and beyond. 

As a company, we have experienced consistent growth since our founding. In 2017, we took on our first investment partner, Mountaingate Capital, in order to expedite our growth plan and expand our capabilities. And, wow, have we done that. 

The last few years have been a period of rapid growth and evolution. During this time, we’ve done three acquisitions – OrionCKB, Email Aptitude, and CPC Strategy – in addition to investing in product innovation with our technology, Mobius, building out our executive and client leadership teams, and completing a successful rebrand and repositioning. Since then, we’ve grown over 400%, going from 150 people in early 2017 to over 700+ people in 2020, with over $2 billion in media under management. We added dozens of world class clients — 80% of which focused on commerce — including e.l.f. Cosmetics, Etsy, Ancestry and more. All while maintaining our culture and being recognized as AdAge’s #1 Best Place to Work.

It’s a chapter I’m incredibly proud of. 

As I think about what comes next, I’m motivated by the ways that consumer attention evolves in an increasingly digital, mobile and eCommerce-first world. This fuels our strategy and will ensure we continue to deliver incredible brand performance for our clients. 

As of today, I’m excited to announce that Tinuiti has a new investment partner in New Mountain Capital, who will help us accelerate the next phase of our growth plan. New Mountain Capital is a leading growth-oriented investment firm. Our previous partner, Mountaingate Capital, will be exiting as part of the change. 

What does this mean for you, our clients and partners?

On a day-to-day basis, operations will remain the same. I will remain as CEO & Board Director, and the rest of the Tinuiti management team and broader Tinuitians will continue in their roles. Additionally, I am excited to announce that Nii Ahene, Tinuiti’s chief strategy officer will join me on the board. 

This new partnership enables us to continue investing in our growth plan and to keep our competitive advantages across the entire digital marketing and media landscape. You can expect to see further investment in talent, capabilities and product, as well as international expansion. All of which will ensure we’re the best partner to our clients and our partners not only today, but in the future. 

We are incredibly excited for what lies ahead, and we are incredibly grateful for your continued trust in us and the important role you – our clients and partners – have played in our journey. 

To the future. 

Zach Morrison

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