The Future of TV Advertising Is Here: Introducing Our Native Approach to OTT Video

By Tinuiti Team

Since our rebrand last year, we’ve been quietly building an entirely new approach to connecting the world’s leading brands to consumers through the power of streaming video.

One year later, we are excited to formally announce our most ambitious advertising program to date: Tinuiti’s OTT and Connected TV program.

Here’s a bit about why we believe OTT video advertising is revolutionizing brand storytelling and how we are bringing the best of that revolution to your brand media mix.

“OTT and connected TV have become a dominant part of the video landscape and are more important than ever for powering your media mix. Over half of all video is now taking place on TV. Our program enables brands to move beyond simply inserting video between paragraphs of an article — by delivering a fully immersive TV experience that consumers can engage with.”

jesse math

— Jesse Math, VP of Planning and Platforms at Tinuiti


“What makes our program unique is our native, holistic approach to OTT as an entire performance channel that can power a brand’s entire funnel. Our first-party partnerships, flexibility, scale, transparency, and cross-channel approach means brands can get the very best of OTT advertising to achieve their marketing goals.”


Our Native Approach to OTT as a Performance Channel


The days where view TV advertising is viewed as a top-funnel, awareness-only play are over.

The ability to target specific audiences and measure results, across the immense scale of OTT, positions the channel, not just for awareness but as a performance driver,” explains Math.


tinuiti ott ctv


Our OTT native approach enables brands to follow their audiences as they move away from traditional TV, providing TV-like reach and content using the largest screen in the house to drive performance KPIs.

Tinuiti’s program consists of a unified data strategy and sequential messaging across the media mix along with our ability to easily integrate OTT into a brand’s overall marketing plan with transparent results.


tinuti ott program


“Expanding Tinuiti‘s ‘OTT Native Approach’ offers clients TV-like reach in TV-like content on the largest screen in the house to achieve all performance marketing goals: Awareness, Growth & Profit. Our focus on quality, transparency, and frequency is truly differentiated.

“What makes Tinuiti unique is that our approach focuses on the right fit for each brand. This can include traditional goals of reach and frequency. Or it can mean digital measurement, programmatic, or sponsorship — it all depends on the brand’s needs.”


Range and Flexibility to Find the Right Buying Model For Your Business


We execute the right buying model for each brand, from small, performance buys to nationwide campaigns.

Our native approach to OTT means our clients get the full range of buying models and inventory that best fits their marketing objectives.

ott advertising

That means we can execute brand, reach and frequency buys and sponsorships, as well as perform programmatic buys that use data and measurement to drive outcomes.

Though the details are nuanced (and our experts know) you should know that whatever your goals, we can leverage your first-party data or external third-party datasets to target in-market audiences, and then measure how those audiences convert post-exposure.


Direct First-Party Partnerships With Publishers Enable Full Transparency


Our agency-operated private deals enable full transparency into your ad spend.

Private and direct partnerships with major publishers such as ESPN, Hulu, NBC, Turner, AMC, Viacom, Discovery, Crackle, Sling (the entire list includes over 90 open deals) means brands get direct access to scale inventory while retaining as much control as possible.


ott partnertships tinuiti


“The number one way brands access OTT inventory today is through a reseller or an aggregator,” explains Math.

“Unfortunately, this means that many brands are losing out on transparency because it’s difficult to determine whether their ads are showing on premium channels or less-than-popular segments. By using a partner like Tinuiti, on the other hand, brands have more control, transparency, and access to data with first-party OTT publisher partnerships.”

“At Tinuiti, we own and operate all of our deals directly with virtually every TV and OTT publisher and platform.”


This gives us—and you—full transparency into each dollar spent, and the ability to granularly optimize for performance.


Frequency Management for Brand Safety and Balance


Our unique approach balances brand safety with ad recall, enabling you to reach your audience as efficiently as possible.

Audiences don’t like it when brands go “overkill” on messaging. That’s why our approach begins with reach before building retargeting audiences post-exposure.

Our frequency control means your brand delivers the perfect message to the right audience, the right number of times, all the time.


Cross-Channel Integrations That Maximizes the Power of Your Data and Media Mix


The full power of OTT advertising lies in cross-channel integration that spans your entire media mix.

With the right OTT strategy, you can reach your audience on their TV screens, then retargeted across OTT, audio, display, and more, creating a truly connected cross-channel ecosystem that moves the needle for your brand.

over the top ott audience targeting


“Our program allows you to take a unified approach across all screens. This means targeting the same segment on Facebook, Display, Programmatic Audio, and OTT. You can retarget people that have been to your website, reach them with your video across OTT, and then sequentially target them in audio and display effectively building a seamless experience around the customer.”

jesse math

— Jesse Math, VP of Planning and Platforms at Tinuiti


Final Takeaway


Over-the-top video advertising is here and it’s already disrupting the way consumers and brands interact with one another.

Like many industry-disrupting events before it, agile brands that move quickly see the biggest impact from early adoption.

“With the shift from Live TV to Video-on-Demand and Connected TV already disrupting both the TV and digital industries, the COVID-19 virus and social distancing will only accelerate this transition,” explains Math.

Whether you are an established TV advertiser looking to reach cord-cutters, a digitally-native brand looking to capitalize on the next digital shift, or anywhere in between — we’ve got your back and are ready to take you into the future of streaming video advertising.

Interested in jumping into the future of video advertising? Connect with our OTT experts here.

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