AdWords Labels: Usage for Keywords Now Available

By Tinuiti Team

AdWords Editor Announces Full Support for Labels

AdWords recently announced full support for labels, available to all advertisers globally.

According to Google, AdWords labels are an effective way to organize objects in an account, like campaigns and keywords, into meaningful groupings so marketers can easily filter and report on the data that’s most relevant to their business.

Now marketers can create, edit, or delete labels using the Labels tab under the Shared library in AdWords Editor.

They can also assign or remove labels to and from campaigns, ad groups, keywords, and ads in their respective data views.

Marketers can also filter views using labels as well as export and import any account changes related to labels.

adwords labels

How will AdWords Labels Impact Retail Marketers?

“The biggest implications of labeling keywords/ads is for testing and performance adjustments,” David Weichel Paid Search Director of CPC Strategy said.

It is important to note that some of the newest labels can be considered more informational rather than actionable like Low Position, Watch, and Overspending.david-weichel

By integrating labels, marketers can gain a better pulse on larger trends in additional to just automated tasks.

The latest version of AdWords Editor also features improvements to the search bar, localization support, and enhancements to overall UI navigation.

To learn more about all the new features – visit the Google Help Center.

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