How Does Your Company and Workplace Culture Contribute to Your Success in Search Advertising?

By Tinuiti Team

At Elite SEM, we've proven that a people-first philosophy drives results. From the beginning, we've treated employees as "intrapreneurs," which means that each team member has an ownership stake in the business. This meritocracy allows our employees to earn a share of the profits by delivering fast results for our clients in search advertising.

We operate on a "great lives for great people" philosophy, and we've built our values and belief system on that inspirational concept.

Core Values Drive Our Success

Elite SEM has four specific core values:

Every year, our employees receive a $500 stipend for reading great books, attending seminars, visiting conferences, and pursuing other initiatives that help them increase their awareness of what they do and expand their education. Additionally, our team members help one another when necessary. If someone needs help learning a new technology or nailing down the solution to a problem, he or she knows that another member of the team will step in to help.

That's how we manage to stay on top of the latest developments in search advertising and other facets of our business. As long as we help each other grow, we're constantly learning new ways to apply technology and resources for our clients' benefit.

Perks & Benefits

In addition to our meritocracy approach to business management, we're also passionate about providing our employees with access to benefits that improve professional development, work-life balance, and customer-facing skills. We have an employee retention rate of more than 94 percent because we've created an inclusive culture that celebrates innovation, creativity, and hard work.

Our benefits package is designed to give employees everything they need to show up for our company every day and put their best feet forward for our clients:

We also have a Wine Bottle for Poaching program. If an employee gets poached, we reward their loyalty with a bottle of wine.

These perks and benefits help our employees feel safe, which contributes to a thriving workplace culture that allows staff members to put their full focus on our clients' search advertising needs.

Our devotion to employee retention ensures that our customers receive consistent service from the moment they become Elite SEM clients. Constant turnover can ruin client relationships; we prefer to provide consistency so our clients know what to expect every time they call our offices, whether they want to speak to their account manager, team lead, or other staff member.

People First

Our CEO, Ben Kirshner, has a favorite saying: "We don’t preserve Elite to make money, we make money to preserve Elite."

By that, he means that we use a people-first approach to talent and client management. Our strong company culture allows us to serve our clients from a solid foundation of team members and corporate values. 

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